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  1. Thanks for the feedback all - I am indeed now thinking about keeping it. Of course the wife thinks I'm selling it, but in reality I've done absolutely nothing in terms of trying to shift it yet Had a look on Auto Trader and it seems a fair price is around 21-23K - frankly I'm not taking a hit that big on a 10 month old car - £24K might have tempted me, but even though I've got the most desirable colour I don't think I'll get that.
  2. Just moved house, so now walking distance to work. 370 has to go Just sitting idle mostly, so the sad question I'm forced to ask is... Pearl white, fully specced, GT Pack, auto with paddle shift, sat-nav, 19" Rays, Bose etc, 9800 miles, on a 60 plate, no mods. What is it worth, and how easily will I sell it?
  3. I thought HKS Legamax was an axle-back system, but advertised here as full cat-back... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HKS-LEGAMAX-PREMI ... 43a1fa2e5e
  4. I went through a watch fad a few years ago, most now sold, retained a Phillipe Patek, Montblanc, and a nice cheap Briel. For excellent watches at very good prices, with nice designs, and not at all common, try Christopher Ward... http://www.christopherward.co.uk/men/view-all.html
  5. I'm in Chertsey, so gladly take you up on that, say when. First beer on me.
  6. Also bought a couple of satin Z badges to replace the Nissan ones front and rear, front is on and looking nice, rear one is too big Any traders do the smaller satin Z badge specifically for the rear of the 370??
  7. Also not a bad shout, I have a compressor in the garage so might might buy some air-pressure washing gear - although I think I'll get Envy to do it first (so I can watch and learn), probably get them to come to work where I can rope a couple of others into sharing the cost
  8. Will take that advice... live in Chertsey, work in Maidenhead - any detailer recommendations from anyone?
  9. Hi Chris Yes Audi was Auto, but I think the VAG auto box is arguably one of the best? Am I right in thinking that the Z auto box, although 7-speed, is relatively old-skool technology? Out again today and this evening, bucketing it down, been near sideways a couple of times which was interesting Also found even in standard spec it is quite susceptible to scraping on sleeping policemen, maybe my plans to lower it may need to be reviewed No doubt car will be filthy in the morning
  10. Picked up my new Storm White from WLMG Slough late yesterday, pouring with rain, not ideal. Enjoyment of drive home was marred by the weather and the Friday evening M25 traffic. First impressions when compared to TT... noisier, ride a little harsher, more bumps, bangs and squeeks, doesn't seem to have the initial on/off acceleration that made the Audi such a revelation when I first got it. The better news... Engine noise is yummy, and I'm sure it will only get better with the help of Abbey and HKS. The side rear view is to die for, the whole area from side rear roofline/win
  11. Just got it home... ...happy as a pig in the proverbial.
  12. Burn

    Rays Center Caps?

    Cheers, been in touch with Sarah.
  13. Burn

    Rays Center Caps?

    Nice wheels, nice car. My new Storm White arrives Monday I'll try not to copy ALL of your mods
  14. To get car planted, but retain some kind of usability, I think these might be an option... http://www.kw-suspensions.co.uk/uk/kw_hls.php ...video on that page demonstrates it perfectly. Nice toy too
  15. I've sent the picture up top to Mark at Abbey, I'm hoping I'll be safer and avoid making costly mistakes by putting myself in their hands. My fear now is that I've gone and got myself an expensive new hobby Maybe I should have leased that Audi A5 diesel after all
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