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  1. Hi Guys I am having the same problem, I assume that the Remote wire needs connecting to the amp wire of the Bose amp? any help appreciated
  2. Hi guy's was looking through some web pages for other zeds for sale and noticed one that came with a private plat (A 350 GT ) now that's a cool plate for the Zed owner. Thought id email the guy and asked if he would sell the plate on its own, he as now put it on ebay at £1,650. I would have bought it only i'm still busy trying to finish our house off so I can sell it which is a shame because I would have loved it, so instead thought I would let you guy's know about it. happy shopping Regards Mark http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320895677383? ... 556wt_1139
  3. Hi Guy's its been a while since I have been on here. My rear brakes are scraping and I have checked them and the pads are worn, any idea who is the best person to see to get pads and discs. My mate at the garage as quoted me £49 each for OEM Discs (rears) and £25 for Pads. I thought this was a little expensive, what do you think? Hope I have but this message in the right place, and I haven't got time to go searching through the forum as I am leaving for work shortly. Any help appreciated. Cheers Mark
  4. yeah it was southwell road, still not heard from them, will go to chesterfield also, thanks for the tip. You will all be pleased to know I am having it changed today, got my wife to drop it off at a Garage we use near our work in Burton on Trent he is also going to weld mine, so now I have a spare : ) Thanks for all your help and advise guys. The Forum rocks. Mark
  5. Yeah think I will use the Garage, mine look well corroded, I also assume there is a Gasket on the joint that I will need? tried to sort this with my local Nissan garage and what a waste of time they are, they took my number and said they would get back to me as they said they wouldn't have it in stock, and so I sat waiting. In the end I called them again and it seemed a lifetime before someone answered and I explained that I was having trouble getting the parts department to answer, so the main office said they would leave them a message and that they would phone me shortly.. still nothing So when or if I ever decide to buy a car, it will not be from a Nissan dealer, because I could never rely on support from them. Anyway enough ranting, where's another place I can get a Gasket without the hassle lol...
  6. Hi All, just a quick question. Is the back box easy to remove and change? Mark
  7. I'm interested in a back box, anyone live near me at Mansfield notts? what are you guys selling for price wise?
  8. Cheers Chris, just pm them.
  9. does anyone know if the infinity G35 is any good, seen it on Ebay for 239 including centre section.
  10. Hi All just drove the car and found that the back box has broken at the joint weld, so I require one, don't want to spend silly money, was going out in it tomorrow night, don't suppose I will get one and fit it by tomorrow lol. any ideas
  11. All done Guy's thanks for your support. see you at the Jap fest in Notts if your going.
  12. Maybe lol just asked Colin a question about Left hand and right hand, lol





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