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  1. Whoa, I seem to have opened a can of worms But thanks for the interesting read, so can anyone give me an idea of price for the Nismo body bits (front, sills and boot spoiler) Right, brace myself for the backlash but..................... I'm not a big fan of the Rays, and want to do something different, well that's not entirely true, the wheels I am looking at are Rays but these ones
  2. After the bodykit, what else do you get for your extra dosh, and how does it compare to the GT And more importantly is it worth (what would appear to be the ridiculous price hike) it? Could the body parts be bought separately, are there engine or suspension mods?
  3. I see it as more of a sidestep................ And I am keeping the TT as it is the daily for SWMBO, but I am looking to get something for myself. I guess I've wanted one since my mate got a 240Z when they first came out I think I really should get a ride in one before I decide.
  4. Yeah, mine plus £50 Sod it, she's got to go, make it £55
  5. Ooops, favourite pet hate of mine, profile updated to show Southend
  6. Not too much, just the usual map/diverter valve to take it to about 265, siliconn hoses and numerous coilpacks The wheels were a bit of a money pit, but I'd started so had to finish, plus the V6 bumper, DRLs and the list goes on, probably coulda just bought a Zed as well
  7. Believe it or not, but this is a painting More here http://www.robertobernardi.com/
  8. Oh dear.................. Looks like I won't be safe from the modding bug over here
  9. Now you just need to get French, Spanish and Italian 350z'ers to also meet there Interesting thought, could someone outline the differences please, can't see much body wise
  10. Hi, thanks for the warm welcome Yup, been using that a lot already
  11. Hey guys, just joined and fancy a 350z, but thought you might like a pic of the current car, taken on our recent trip to Italy (31 TTs went to do the Stelvio)
  12. Hi, just registered as I am looking to buy a 350z Are there any guides or tips for what to look for? Any help greatly appreciated
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