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  1. Can the Mods please close this thread as item now sold. Thanks
  2. Yeah there JWT i would not worry about any power losses i can honestly say in real world conditions you will not notice any difference in performance unless your trying to gain that last 10th of a second at the Ring . Every think you need is in the box as you see them is how they came off the car.
  3. Thanks for that still and open to sensible offers
  4. There cleanable but to be fare i only had them on for 10,000 miles and they look clean to me.
  5. Before my 350z was sold i removed my Twin Pop Charger which I am offering for sale. If you have a HR for me this is the one mod to have to have just for the noise alone, I never felt any real world loss of power using it. But all I can say is the week i drove the car after removal it just sounded plane ordinary. God i miss the noise. Anyway i digress I am looking for £225ono if intrested please contact me through PM's Thanks for looking Stuart
  6. Whats APC? I might just need to know
  7. If anyone is interested in my old car here is a link to it http://westernedinburgh.nissan.co.uk/used-vehicles/nissan-350z-3.5-v6-gt-pack-30001315384.php In my year of ownership i had no problems with it she is totally standard bar the black Z badges i even put 4 new Falkens on it just before the sale
  8. Well the hybrid is more to do with power than saving the world it feels like a supercharger, its as quick as my Zed which was a 313 but a hole lot more refined it comes with Satnav, DVD, 14 speaker stereo, adaptive, headlights, smartkey, Adaptive suspension, Adaptive stabilizers, rear camera, parking guides, and more acronyms than you can say in one breath. To be honest it would be easier to say what it does not come with. The handling was strange at first for a big heavy car its quite nibble and stays very flat throw the bends, the ECVT gearbox takes some getting used to as the car never revs to above its peak power which is not a problem because you can not hear the bloody thing anyway. The refinement is second to none only thing you can hear in the car is the tyres and they are muted. The car does not have a rev counter but a power meter in KW which it has 253 of which is 340bhp. At the moment its average mpg is 32mpg and thats mixed A,B road and urban driving in the Zed over the same roads i was getting 22mpg. The only down side is the small Boot as the batteries take up most of the space i would say it is around the same size as the Zeds but more of a boot shape and no bridge in the middle. The power delivery takes some getting use to as you get instant Torque for example a rolling start off roundabout at half throttle it throws you back in your seat to the point where you get to the apex way to quickly but it just adds to the charm. The power meter Rear cabin Front cabin
  9. Well after a wonderful years ownership of the 350Z i decided to move on to something a tad less compromised Well at least in some areas. One last picture of the Zed before its departure. And now onto its replacement. Its a Lexus GS450h Sport and god dam its good
  10. i Fitted FK452's to my Zed just after Christmas and i find the sidewalls of the rears have to much lateral movement in them which makes me paranoid, thinking the car has a slow puncture all the time. The fronts follow every little surface change and have a strong self centre feel to them which also adds to my worries. So much so I am thinking of taking them off in favour of another set of Bridgestones
  11. Another Red one in the town, well thats mine up for sale
  12. Car needs a P1 service Ive tried phoning 2 Dealers, Evan Halshaw in the Middlesbrough but i am struggling with them at the moment just to buy some touch up paint (been there twice and phoned 3 times) so i don't have much faith in them. Ive also phoned S G Petch in Durham and they are still getting back to me so mmmmm how hard can it be? Can anyone Recommend a dealer the car also needs its 3rd year paint check hence trying to keep it in the deal network? Thanks Stuart
  13. If you don't mind me asking who is doing the repairs?
  14. i would go colour coded on the handles but Rosso Red is a very hard colour to match. i was thinking this colour with 20/25mm spacers and leaving at that. http://keynissan.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/350z-nismo-006.jpg or i dont suppose anyone knows the colour code for these two?
  15. Yeah he as lowered it to but the only other problem is i feel like am a little bit past it for mods at the ripe old age of 42. That is one of the reasons i want to try and keep it as standard as possible.





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