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  1. I didn’t notice it at first when driving off so I’m guessing they didn’t either. They obviously didn’t road test it as I began noticing it about half way home. Should have turned around but had to get back to work.
  2. Yeah I am, It’s due to go back on Friday, just a bit concerned that it could be something else failing and more potential outlay. Wondered if anyone had experienced it before. fingers crossed it’s just a fitment error.
  3. Hi all, Bit of an unusual issue after having a new clutch and flywheel fitted. When I press the clutch pedal regardless of whether the car is in neutral or whilst driving there is a loud clicking sound coming from underneath the car. It’s pretty loud and can be felt through the pedal. It also doesn’t happen every time the clutch is depressed. I have a video of the sound Any ideas what could be going on? I’m putting the car up for sale and this will be off putting for any potential buyer. Cheers Dan.
  4. glad your enjoying my old car! looks lovely in the pics i kind of miss it lol
  5. Pop Charger provisionally sold pending payment.
  6. Make me an offer then taffy where abouts are you?
  7. I forgot to mention I'm near Colchester and Chelmsford if any one would rather collect.
  8. I have sold my Zed and have for sale a JWT pop charger with heat shield in good condition. i got it from a member on here and only had it on my car for a few hundred miles, sounds brilliant! £70 including postage I also have a set of Genuine 350z floor mats, passenger side is like new and drivers side is in very good condition with just a couple of heel imprints, hardly noticeable. £40 ono, Thanks Dan.
  9. ill have this mate! pm me with payment details cheers dan.
  10. Thanks, ill give him a message, its not too bad but its creased around the filler cap so i dont think a bodyshop will be able to sort it.
  11. Anyone know the sort of price a rear quarter panel would set me back please, driver side, with the fuel filler hole in? iv done something a bit silly that i dont think will buff out Thanks.
  12. EPracing are who i got my bumper from, i don't want to say anything bad about them as a company as the service was spot on! but the bumper i got was not brilliant quality as i have said above.





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