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  1. nbs

    Gt Edition

    Anyone know exactly what changes have been made to the suspension? Anyone driven one to compare new with old?
  2. nbs

    370z Replacement tyres

    Anyone got ideas on replacement tyres or are the Re050's as good as anything? Bit better aquaplaning control would be good with all that rubber on the road.
  3. nbs

    Front Tyre Scrubbing

    Just to add my fourpennyworth. I get all that - scrubbing - very unstable at h.speed on bumpy surface - not good under braking. Agricultural, I love it.
  4. Definitely sluggish under 4k. Get it re-mapped. Talk to Abbey.
  5. nbs

    Alternative tyres

    Anyone changed from Bridgestones - for better - for worse?
  6. nbs

    High Rev Harshness

    As you say they are red-lined on the Academy days all the time so there cannot be anything too amiss.
  7. nbs

    High Rev Harshness

    It just doesn't like being where peak power is, 6-7k. There must be an engineering problem. What else uses this engine and are there similar owner comments?
  8. nbs

    High Rev Harshness

    Not talking about the exhaust noise, I have a Fast Intentions cat back which is suberb, but the actual engine there is a harsh vibration, like its all out of balance.
  9. Apologise if this has been covered before. But what is the reason for the harshness/vibration at high revs? It makes you not want to there. but that's where to power is. Is there a cure?
  10. Don't miss it. It's a great day.
  11. nbs

    Who has exhausts for sale

    Now have a Fast Intentions system winging it's way from California. Looks like good bhp gains, in fact almost unbelievable ones.
  12. nbs

    Who has exhausts for sale

    Adam I mean of course.
  13. nbs

    Who has exhausts for sale

    Shipping cost/time from the States. Being lazy now I could mail Alex.
  14. Anyone in the UK supplies cat-backs yet?
  15. Going in October if they've still got the cars in one piece!





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