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2014 Racing Season: MeisterR BAD Suspension

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We have been helping a few racers in the 2014 race season with our technical partner "Black Art Design" (BAD).

For those of you who haven't heard of "Black Art Design", they are one of the top suspension engineering firm in the UK who provide suspension from Pike Peak Ford RS200 to the DAX Rush.


Working together with BAD for the past year, we have made quite a lot of suspension advancement and the result shows.





Civic EP3: Prototype Race Suspension (In Development)

We are developing new suspension we hope to bring to the race arena in the near future to compete with top end 3-way adjustable such as those from AST, Ohlins, and Nitron.

We are just starting this project but the result is exciting.


Drag FTO: Custom Spec Drag GT1 Coilovers

We use our suspension knowledge and custom build a suspension design specifically to put power to the ground on the drag strip.

The FTO made a new Personal Best 60' time on a cold day, so there are only more to come as the weather warms and the engine power get wind-up!


Sprint EVO6: MeisterR GT1 Coilovers

This is by far our biggest achievement as the Class B is the most competitive class in the MLR Sprint Series with 18 cars in the class.

As the turbo size are limited within class B, there isn't a huge difference between engine power output.

Therefore, this place even more emphasis on suspension, tyres, and setting to achieve fast time.


We won Round 1 at Castle Combe by a margin of 1 second on a 1 minute 11 seconds run.

This was fantastic result for MeisterR as other car on the grid are running high end adjustable suspension such as Nitron, Ohlins, and JRZ.


To be compete competitively against these suspension brand was a feat in itself; to win the round was icing on the cake.

The owner also soften the damping and drove 250 miles home in comfort after winning the round, which is exactly what the MeisterR GT1 Coilovers are designed to do. :)



Overall, we are very happy with the result and are looking forward to see more achievement from the rest of the 2014 race season.

We will keep everyone updated with new result and product development from MeisterR.


Jerrick / Edwin

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