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07 civic type R for 350Z (worth a shot)


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Hi all


Im new to the site and while trolling through all the threads came across this swap one and thought its got to be worth a try.

Im really toying with the idea of getting a Zed (98% sure) and saying goodbye to my much loved R, so thought it might be worth a try in this thread to see if i get any interest, ill be honest Im currently talking to someone in regards to swapping my R for the Zed but nothing it set in stone as of yet and was just wondering if i would get any more interest??

The main things Im looking for is Manual and uk however that being said I wouldn't be put me off by an import.

Anyway heres some info on my R and a few pictures fell free to ask any questions thanks.


2007 Type r GT, 66000 odd miles on the clock (will go up as I use it daily) lots of MOT, and Tax.

the car has always been looked after buy honda from new first gatwick honda now chichester honda I have however had a full service (by honda) earlier this year.

Ive just had two band new pirelli Tyres put on.




Miltek Exhaust cat Back system

All Rear Windows tinted

White footwell lighting (comes on when car is unlocked or a door is open)

All interior Lighting Changed To white LED

ABP Eibach lowering Springs (30mm drop) work carried out by TGM sport racing

FRS (fast Road Set Up) fitting lowering springs and camber bolts. These are lobed like camshafts and allow them to adjust the angle of the hub realitive to the shock body. They also adjust toe using the standard tie rod ends.

At the rear because there is no adjustment they strip the hub down and rebuild it using shims that are cut at angles to set the camber and toe and specific settings.

This was also carried out by TGM sport racing


Bad Bits


There is a couple of car park dinks these are no means big or that noticeable but they are there all the same (on the door)

The wheels are in no means spotless they do have curbing but again nothing too bad.

There is also a mark on the right side of the passengers foot well plastic i have no clue how it got there my only guess is that when the car was at honda having a new leaver put under the passengers seat they did it when taking out the set


I have also had the front end resprayed bumper,bonnet and wings all by Honda (stone chips) this was only done on the 25/6/2012


Im sorry for the pictures I have loads more but they are to far big for uploading so if anybody would like some more i can email them across or even text them.


Thanks Ty


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