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We have several companies offering club car insurance for members








We have a fantastic car insurance scheme for people on car club forums and that is mainly due to 4 things –


1. There are very few exclusions on the scheme! It starts at age 19, and includes all postcodes (including Northern Ireland), and all modifications (except nitrous).

2. The premiums have to be competitive. We have a higher take up rate than the norm and the fact that 25,000 quotes are done in the office each month shows that people are ringing us for a reason!

3. We have an excellent phone answering system! An overhead computer screen changes to red when a phone call is on hold, alerting both the manager and the Chief Executive! We have a great emphasis on answering calls.

4. We have an excellent Claims Accident Management company.


We’ve already had this posted on a forum – “i think the biggest thing here though is the level of customer service, possibly the best customer service ive had from an insuirance company and i genuinly mean that. so if your looking to renew or just need some advice then they are definitely worth a call!â€


But the main reason we can offer this scheme to you is because people who are registered on car forums are viewed as better drivers which allows us to offer cheaper premiums. This has been borne out statistically which makes users of this forum a desired ‘niche’ for our insurance company. We want to attract you as a customer!


Once again, I will take an active part each day answering questions you may have about insurance. I am totally office-based now and my sole job is to maintain this scheme so each question should get a quick response unless I am in a meeting!


So if you’re aged 19 or over and you need a quote, please call us on 0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580 (which is a landline number and should be used if ringing by mobile as it can be included in any free minutes) or ring when your car insurance renewal is due. Alternatively, please send us your details using this form - http://www.carclubsi...p/quote-me.html.


Prestige Keep Moving Insurance

0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580 for mobiles










Chris Knott Insurance - http://www.chrisknott.co.uk - have been involved with car clubs for over 20 years so hopefully we'll understand your needs & requirements!


The scheme is for both standard and modified cars with cosmetic changes and bhp increases by no more than 50bhp.


It starts for ages 30 and over, and you must have at least 1 year's NCB – no introductory discounts are allowed.


All drivers must have held a full UK licence for at least 1 year, and to insure a 'performance' car, there must be at least 1 years experience of driving that car. Unfortunately, the scheme is not competitive on all M - Manchester, L - Liverpool, OL - Oldham & SK1-12 - Stockport postcodes, and excludes Northern Ireland.


No more than 1 SP/PC/PL conviction offence per driver.


The minimum premiums are £250 for Comprehensive & £200 for TPFT cover, so please don’t ring if your quote is less than this!


Please feel free to call the New Business Team when you receive your renewal through. A dedicated team, with years of experience, is waiting for your call!


please remember to QUOTE REF 839 when calling them


Chris Knott Insurance - official 350Z-uk.com insurance scheme


0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477










My attitude is, if you are a real enthusiast, why wouldn't you mod your car. Exhaust brakes remap and all the Bling we like. For me you are not a true enthusiast unless you have modified the car! So with this in mind our insurance underwriting is accepting of, most mods. Not all we don't like NOS or "posey" mods (too big wheels for one), but most else we find acceptable.


I also try to apply some logic. If the car has been remapped and has a lot more BHP what have you done to the brakes to compensate. Just the same if you have upgraded the brakes but not the car why would we charge more - you have made the car safer.....


Try us, we aim to please.


The insurers are getting a tad paranoid on postal codes though. Anyone in the known "bad lands" will have troubles, but if your car is in a garage we will still look at the higher areas with some sympathy.


Well that' s enough of a commercial break!


Our telephone number is 01935 706258.







Please click link to view http://www.350z-uk.c...th-adrian-flux/


Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to have the opportunity to serve 350z UK.com and provide its members with competitive and bespoke policies for their Nissan's and any other vehicle they may own.


As one of the UK’s most respected specialist insurance intermediaries we have a panel of insurers who we will use to find members the most appropriate policy – with of course a club discount.


All this is possible, because we know that 350zUK.com members are enthusiasts, who have the experience of handling these performance vehicles and are much less likely to make a claim than the average driver, and so we've been able to create special schemes that reward safe 350z drivers like you.


Get cheaper Insurance from Adrian Flux.



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