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public liability insurances, guarantees & warranty


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A trader is responsible for their own public liability insurances, guarantees and warranties. A public forum cannot insure against products sold by third parties to third parties.


This club does not endorse any products, and does not directly sell products other than the club stickers. If you anyone does wish to take issue with the club due to damage caused by a faulty vinyl sticker, they can contact any one of the team.


Of course on other forums where members of the team actively promote a single trader or products thereof, there may be an inference of related trading/advertising and as such can see why insurance may be required.


If the club does actively sell or allow its name to be used in the endorsement of any product we shall ensure the required insurances are in place, at present however we provide no such endorsement or gaurantee for any product sold by any supplier, we are simply an advertising medium. We control "who" can trade on this forum, but our allowance of trading can not be seen as vouching for any particular trader.

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