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Yaw Sensor 12v Orange Wire DEAD


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I recently did the yaw-sensor mod where a switch is installed on the orange 12v wire going into the Yaw Sensor.
This is an easy mod, resulting in the ability to turn traction control on/off using the switch. Please note, you have to power cycle the car after flipping the switch to re-enable your traction control.

The issue I am having is that after installing the switch, initially it worked but then after about 30seconds it stopped working.
I have diagnosed the issue and found that I shorted something because the orange 12v wire no longer has any voltage. I tested this wire with the car turned on and the multi-meter reads 0V

I have checked all three fuse box locations.
-Fuse 82 in IPDM Fuse Box (Located under plastic trim behind battery)
-Fuse 12, 14, 20, 21 in Fuse Box (Located by Driver Left Foot)
-VDC Fuse in fuse box INFRONT of battery.

I have no blown fuses.
I don't think the orange 12v yaw sensor wire melted as I have no other electrical issues. The heat necessary to melt the wire would certainly have melted other components.

An easy fix would be to pull 12V from another component and feed it into the yaw sensor.
Someone else with this same problem did this idea:

However, first I want to understand what shorted that is stopping my orange 12v yaw sensor wire from getting any voltage.
Without first understanding what shorted the 12V Orange Wire, I risk shorting out additional wires that I splice off of.

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