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350z Vq35hr rpm dropping/ hesitating/ stumbles at 1k and around 2k after when warm


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Hello everybody 


Please help from z expert owners 🙏🙏 


Rpm dropping/ stumbling at 1k and around 2000k


Sorry for long topic 🙏🙏


I have an issue ongoing almost for one year now with my 350Z 2008 VQ35HR automatic 151000 Km 100% stock, which is the rpm is dropping / hesitating / stumbling just for one second at 1k RPM and around 1800 RPM (( only when it’s warmed with slow acceleration when starting to movie from signal or stop so I can feel it while I am driving  And absolutely perfect when it’s cold just for first 5 to 10 mins driving )) without cel or any error codes .



it’s Like the car about to switch off but it’s not , just need to press little harder gas to avoid the hesitation . 


This is happening while I am driving , P or N , so I don’t believe it’s transmission issue . 

No any lights or error codes at all 



 oil pressure is cold start around 75 and after warming up around 10-12 , I know maybe gallery gasket needs replace too



This issue gone twice before , both after I replace all parts above and no good 


First time :  I went to mechanic who was working in Nissan dealer just trying to figure out , He just cleaned sensors and under the air intakes manifolds ( the black box on the engine) ,then put tap on the very little cracked piece in air intakes pipe and the problem totally solved ,  I kept asking The mechanic what is the problem was and he has no answer ( just by luck ).


After few month The alternator  gone and needed to be replaced, while replacing the battery has been disconnected for night  , and I got the issue back when I received the car .



Second time :  after researching I decided to do exhaust valve control timing relearn which is  keeping the RPM between 1800 - 2k for 20 seconds then the problem almost gone and not irritating me like before at all .



Spark plugs, throttle bodies , cam shift sensors, maf cleaned and air filters .

No coolant, oil leak outside the engine , compression test is fine as per Nissan dealer


It’s fine to replace the gallery gaskets but I want to confirm that is the correct time .



Now I confused , what I should check ?! 

-Gallery gaskets 
-variable exhaust valve, VVT 
-vacuum leak 


Really sorry and  I appreciate any help or thoughts



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