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Childrens Trust Fund event @ Goodwood 24th-25th july


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Hello all,


Putting the feelers out there to see if i can get enough interest to secure us a spot at this awesome event that i volunteer at.

We would need a minimum of 10 cars at around £10 a ticket (roughly) per day. If the ford focus RS and ST Tic Tac club can get 40 i'm sure we can top that.

track time wont be available due to the nature of the event, unless you have a GTR as i know some do now! but it would mean taking passengers and not driving to mad! 


If i can get enough interest ill go for both days.


please add your name, reg and car model followed by the dates you'd like to attend to the list below. copy and paste to keep the list running please.



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Im the same, COVID permitting I can do Saturday or Sunday, potentiality both


1. MatthewThain - FA53 FZZ - 350Z - 24th-25th

2. Dan Wilks - GJ04 DYB - 350z - 24th

3. Sam Patmore - YK52 AJM - 350z - 24th/25th

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As a new member and a new owner of a 370z I would of loved to as goodwood's is the most local track to me. Unfortunately I've seen the event is postponed if and when a new date comes up I would be interested if I can make the dates around work.

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