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Hello From Classic Line Insurance - 350z Members Discount

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Hi everybody,


I just wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself and our business, Classic Line Insurance. Firstly my name is Rob and I am of course a 350z owner (2005 DE, few little mods as well) I have been on the forum for a few months now and I keep seeing posts crop up regarding insurance.  I feel like Classic Line can probably fill a gap which the other providers cannot do. We are a fairly small broker and we specialise in any specialist, cherished, sport, performance and prestige cars. A classic car is not deemed by age anymore and we cover all future and modern classics.  The 350z/370z is a perfect fit for us as a future classic and we can cover any modifications that you may have done. We can also add on track days if required and all our policies include breakdown cover, legal cover and European driving as standard. 


As a specialist broker we might not be able to cover everybody on here depending on your unique details but please give us a try! We can also offer multi car policies to insure any daily drivers you might have (or a second sports car, maybe a classic Datsun?) 


We are offering ALL 350z UK members a discount off our standard rates of 15% - simply mention the forum when getting a quote!


Any questions then please get in touch - message me directly, comment on the forum, email me at rob@classiclineinsurance.co.uk or call me at the office on 01455 63 9000. 


Website www.classicline.co.uk


I look forward to hearing from you all.



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Hi all, quick update.....


If you are after a quote then please call us directly on 01455 63 9000 - our online quote system is not set up to offer the 350z club discount so will throw up an error message. 


For anybody who really doesn't have the time to call or just really hates the phone then drop me a message and I can gather your details directly to get you a quote,


Thanks for your understanding.


Rob :thumbs:

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