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370Z pop up bonnet light lit

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I had my front bumper resprayed, after a short drive after receiving the car, the pop up bonnet light was lit. This light has an icon of the car of what looks like the bonnet, but raised from the hinge. It is depicting that the actuators at the bonnet hinge have fired due to a front end collision.


I found a couple of guides to reset the light, and i made it work. The instructions are unclear hence i make this thread to help others.

Reset pop up hood light


Firstly, you'll observe that the pop up hood light is animated like this on the gauge:

  • Ignition on - light is lit
  • Around 5 seconds later - light flashes
  • Couple of seconds later - light is lit and remains solidly lit


To reset the light, the overall dance is in the link.


In step 2, where it says the light "turns off", that means, switch the car off as soon as the light blinks off for the first time, be fast. The time for the first blink, was more like 5 seconds after turning the car to On for me, so do not follow the timings on the chart, follow the light and its status instead.

Turn on car - Light lit solid, blink off - turn off the car.


In step 5, where you must turn the engine off after 3 blinks of the light, do exactly that, again the time in seconds stated is more like 8-9 seconds, as soon as the light does this - light lit solid, blink off, blink on (1), blink off, blink on (2), blink off, blink on (3) - turn off the car.


Now repeat that again (2) and (5).

After this, when I turned on the car again, the light now goes solid lit, and then starts to blink slowly. Leave for some seconds, and turn off the car. Then turn on the car and the light will disappear!

Then turn off the car, and turn the engine like normal with clutch depressed, the light should be gone too.


When the guide (and I) says Turn On, it means just press the Start button twice, not full ignition.


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