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OEM DMF with Xtreme Clutch Kit - Will it fit?

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Hi All,


Hoping this is the right section to start with (if not please be kind to move it).


So I have recently changed my cluch/flywheel set up from OEM Dual Mass and OEM Cluth to Xtreme Single Mass Flywheel/Clutch Kit. Unfortunately I am not happy with the negative aspects of this change. This being the noise.


I am looking to go back to the "stock" set-up.


I was hoping I can only replace Xtreme SMF to the OEM DMF leaving current Xtreme Clutch assembly in place.


Is this going to work/fit. Or, should I go back to OEM Clutch? Do I need to consider any other parts? (bolts, pilot bushing, CSC etc.) 


As you can see from the description "change it while you are there" doesn't quite apply as the clutch is pretty much brand new. 


If this is not going to fit I will be putting my cluch kit along with SMF up for sale so PM if anyone is interested. The clutch hardly done any mileage (provable) and most of it is commute in 6th, as it is my daily driver. 


Thank you in advance for any advice.

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