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  1. best of luck with new car you wont be disappointed
  2. just got the rest of the pics up,dont want to clog up site with my photos but heres the link again http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn269/buddy999_2008/
  3. as i say its only half finished,put up photos just to show i wasn't blowing wind about mods,lots of fine tuning to do but im happy so far,ya i done a few bits and pieces to interior and engine bay,ill put a couple of more pics up later for anyone interested,by the way i bought almost everything in the states online and have to say i was very happy with all the guys i dealt with plus i made killing on prices at the minute,biggest thing was the wheels(20 " foose 5's) they ended up costing about 1550 sterling with tyres,balanced mounted and delivered to ireland,i would have gave almost as much here in ireland just for the tyres happy days
  4. ya the bonnet fits great,the spoiler thing is different but i took it off(lip spoiler) and didnt like the look of back without it so i went for this setup,its looks a little weird in photo but looks good in real life(imo),didnt end up ordering chargespeed section yet as i like the way its looks at the moment(and when rear add ons go on im not sure they will fit together)overall i bit ott but i really like this look myself as i find standard version of any car boring,so far its going down well with the fairer sex and thats never a bad thing lol
  5. put them on photobucket,thanks digsy and martin http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn269/buddy999_2008/ sorry dont know how to put it up as proper link
  6. sorry my photos arent coming out(too big i think)
  7. a couple of pics until its finished
  8. took a few months to get everything together but im very nearly finished,just sideskirts and rear add ons to go ,ill put up pics of car so far at weekend
  9. Nice list mate, really nice Word of advice though before you mod read this, helped me out http://www.my350z.com/forum/showthread.php?t=111820 thanks zed good advice all round,def makes you think a bit more,unfortunately im a see it like it want it kind of guy(and deal with the consequences later)anyway you tried
  10. the reg is 04 D 350 5 which passes for a personal reg over here,i have ordered a small letter z to go between the 0 and 5 on the reg(sad i know but i cant help it)its an irish car gt spec low miles spotless clean and cheaper than any other one i seen by 5000 euro,the photos dont do the silver z justice its unreal in the flesh so to speak,the anteras look well on the car but are more a merc/bmw flash wheel,1000 euros on german ebay which is great value.blue wasnt really the colour i wantnt but is problely the best lookin colour in them(personal opinion no offense please),personally im not going for any look,just getting stuff i like the look of,the kit pieces are cheap so if they dont work on the car i get the nismo skirts and lip to complete that kit which def works,anyway nice to c another irish z nut,all the best
  11. rest of pics,over the i know but life is for living
  12. buying it as 04 car but when i checked with revenue they said it was only 03 would of still took it but in test drive it felt a little rough plus all mods were starting to show their age (i was giving top dollar)came to the conclusion i could get all the stuff myself and it would be new so id get the best out of them,ill try and get the pics up(youll have to use your imagination to put it all together)wing and bonnet are on original car(joes)
  13. fell through at last minute, gutted,got blue z instead gt spec standard,ill try not to disappoint the chavs so heres was im ordering visage b front lip,bomex sideskirts,the one with two vents,nismo back add ons,chargespeed carbon addon(is bolted on to original back bumper i think(hope)that covers kit seibon ts11 carbon bonnet,veilside gt111 carbon wing, loved them on joes old car, 20"foose nitrous alloys (couldnt help myself)





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