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  1. I appreciate the information and bit of peace of mind, thanks. I'll check out some of those guides and see if adjusting the pedal makes an improvement.
  2. Hello all. New member here from Sheffield. Finally got my hands on a dream car of mine, a 350z GT HR. It's got Rays forged wheels on all corners with Dunlop Sportmaxx rubber and Brembo brakes. No mods what-so-ever, but I would like to replace the dated head unit at some point. I'm really enjoying the way it drives so far, the smile never leaves my face when I'm behind the wheel, especially during the odd pull here and there 😛 I did have a couple questions though. What do you guys do about additional security for your cars if any? I'm thinking of investing in a steering lock and obd tracker as my area can be a little rough at times. Also I have driven a few Z's now and each of them (including this one) has a very high bite point on the clutch. Makes it a little awkward to drive at times. No slipping, though it does make a clunking noise when disengaging it at times. Is this normal or am I perhaps looking at a new clutch soon? Car has 74000 miles. Cheers!
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