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  1. I have just purchased a 2011 370z Convertible with a low 44,000 miles. I sold my M4 Convertible recently as the running costs were eye watering and went for the 370z as it will be cheaper to run, quick (although not as quick as the M4) and easy to modify. I bought mine from a local Nissan dealer. I've already got rid of the stock exhaust and fitted an Invidia Gemini cat-back system. Way better sound now and no drone. Even at cold start it's just the right side of decently loud (unlike my M4 which would wake the dead). I have a Z1 Motorsports Air intake on the way to get fitted and then I will likely take it to Horsham Developments (as they are very local to me) for an ECU remap. On performance mod's that's probably it. It has a nice paint job with an almost flip paint which looks black in some light, brown in others and purple in others. I will get this paint corrected and detailed. Add some subtle graphics and then go to my local interior company and have them work some magic on the very black interior and introduce some colour. I've already taken out the factory fit ICE (non-Sat Nav version) and had fitted a Kenwood Double Din with wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto and also got an HD reversing camera fitted. So far I'm loving the go kart handling of the 370z (vs the M4) and the slick manual gearbox. It doesn't have the "scare the hell out of me" grunt of my 500BHP M4 but it's quick enough to raise a smile. It's a nice looking car and the only thing I may fit to it in the future is a boot spoiler but I know options are limited on this front for a convertible.
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