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  1. Unfortunately the original Nismo exhaust likes to disintegrate from within from all that corrosion. There is a small but significant group of JDM enthusiast in western Germany. Mostly Subaru, but I have seen some nice Silvias and Skylines. Which one? The one at CTD? I usually stay away from Z only meets in Germany. I prefer meets with higher diversity 😉.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. I realized I don’t have any recent pictures of the car. No car meets because of Covid and all… I’ll try my best to accomodate the need tho 😅 At the Nurburgring with Cosmis MRII wheels Tomei Expreme TI exhaust HK Power HKS Hi Power Stainless TItanium Tip exhaust My work truck
  3. Hi, I am looking for a right hand drive door key cylinder assembly. The actual lock cylinder is not needed as I am going to use my own lock cylinder. On the picture I have marked the part in question (the image does show left hand drive, I am looking for right hand drive). Unfortunately I cannot order the part directly from Nissan as it is not sold without the lock cylinder and my VIN decodes to LHD. I also cannot scavenge that part from a local scrapyard because I am not in the UK. So if you sell your Z for spares or would scavenge that part for
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Josh and I am a 2014 Z34 Nismo (generally referred to as the V1) owner. I am currently living in Western Germany where I also purchased the car. Some specs on my car: original white / gunmetal paint scheme stock engine went thru a couple of exhausts, most notably Tomei Expreme TI with titanium Y-Pipe (to this day still my favorite, but unfortunately authorities are cracking down on illegal exhausts here) street legal custom-built HK Power exhaust from Holger Kern, basically a stainless true dual 3" with
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