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  1. Yer i think i'm going to get it transported there, i don't think i'd forgive myself if it went wrong and i'm pretty sure the wife would throw me out as well.
  2. kieran o'quick i think that mite be the best option , i was more hoping to get some kind of base map to make sure everything was working kinda right before i get it towed there and them say this cant be done lol
  3. My only other problem is it has 1000cc injectors, will these be OK to drive all that way? sorry for all the stupid questions it's just I've put a lot of money in to it and don't want to break it before i even get going lol
  4. i suppose i could just pull intake pipe off and take it easy
  5. it has a n external wastegate with scream pipe so cant disconnect nothing, i could take the spring out but that's gonna be kinda loud lol
  6. I'm hoping to get it done at Abbey Motorsport which is about 45 minutes to an hour away, will this be OK?
  7. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the worry section but i'm a newbie and this was the only one i though might be right, so i have for the best part boosted my z, still a few bits to finish up. I've also forged the engine and am running a link G4X ecu, my question is does anyone have a map for a boosted 350z with said ecu as i will need to drive the car to the tuners when the time comes. any help is much appreciated. Lee
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