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  1. Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone here for your comments, advice and opinions. I have recieved alot more genuine help and advice here from one post as a newbie compared to any forum I have ever used. This is fantastic, it's great to know there's a good community out there! It really has given a valuable insight hearing what you owners/ex-owners really thought of your experiences. I WILL go for some test drives for sure because I couldnt agree with you guys more that I need to get my own feel for it. I do hope that it's the right car for me, I already feel like i'd be kicking myself if i didnt own at some point. Alot of my questions have been answered, again thanks to every single one of you!
  2. So, i've done a fair bit of snooping around on the internet. There is ALOT of mixed opinions on 350z's to what I can see. Bottom line is personally I love the appearance of the 350z and I really like the idea of tastefully modifying one. I would only be using it on the weekends as I have a Golf TDI for commuting.My true issue is I cant quite work out what 350z's are really like.I know an obvious answer would be to test drive one. But in all honesty I find test drives often to be very difficult to get a true feel of the car and how much you enjoy it, especially only driving like a few miles often in a town or city and with the car owner/garage employee.I've read previously someone refer to the 350 as 'more of a muscle car than a sports car'. I dont find this hard to believe given the 3.5l lump and the weight that comes with a coupe. It would make sense as they seem super popular in the USA. But what about the UK? I dont want to overlook the fact that I need a good B road basher. That is what I enjoy, Is this the wrong car choice for me?I've owned a MX-5 mk2 1.8l, completely uncomparable, but it's the most fun car i've owned to date. The ONLY thing I couldnt put up with was the lack of power. The 350z entises me due to the following things;HP & Troque of the beutiful 3.5l V6 but also the sound of these engines with the right exhaust setup when they scream. (I'm aware stock and some aftermarket exhaust dont sound too great)RWD + LSD + Manual = Too much funGeneral asthetics & Mod capabiltythere are more things but that's the main ones.Biggest conerns for me would be; I'm knowledgeable enough to look after it with basic maintenance and minor issues but anything slightly technical it will need to go to garage and I'll need to pay a mechanicwhat do they ACTUALLY handle like. Is it going to be fun on B roads? That's where she will be used most. Will it grip well when I want it too in the dry giving it stick round corners or do they oversteer to much? given some good performing Tires of course.I've heard the gearbox's are horendous but are they really that bad? does it feel very disconnected and horrible to drive? Are they that unreliable?Is it that heavy that it dulls out the feel of the power? Power to weight has always been a big thing to me. I dont need something weighing under a tonne. But is it just going to feel like boat?They are cheap for what they are, they really are.. Does that tell me all I need to know?I would be buying a DE not a HR, purely down to the price point, I really cant see it being worth how much more the HR's are listed for in comparison to the DE.I'm on the line with a 350. Part of me thinks a Porshe Cayman 05-13 might be a better choice or perhaps a BMW Z4 35i especially for B roads. TBH these are out of my budget, but I may be inclined to wait if the 350 is a no go! (Any other car suggestions would be interesting)If I'm honest I just think I'll always have a soft spot for the 350z and It's a car that's been growing on me more and more, I just really dont want to be dissapointed though. There is alot more I could say or ask but in all honest I just want you generous peoples brutally honest opinions!
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