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  1. starxu

    Wheel Spacers

    But I saw BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers from their offcial website, “Active Cooling” patented technology has been registered by intellectual property agencies including the United States and the European. Is it just a gimmick? the truth is that the price is not cheap.
  2. starxu

    Wheel Spacers

    Anyone have any thoughts on BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers. Anyone have them and what size did you use?
  3. What size would you all recommend that goes great with the BONOSS wheel spacers? I’m a newbie so all the information I can get will be appreciated!
  4. Hi all, looking to buy new wheel spacers . Does anyone know the size i need to order. I guess forged auminum alloy is the way to go. thanks for the help.
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