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  1. Yes, expansion tank is low. The kit I’m looking to buy fits on the expansion tank with various size bungs. So I’m hoping that’s going to be ok.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll get a sniff test kit just to be safe. I'll top up the coolant and monitor the levels and hope it was just low due to neglect by the previous owner.
  3. My first post since owning the car for a few days, I'm hoping there's a simple answer that's not going to cost me more money!! This weekend I noticed the exhaust was blowing, so I stuck my head under the car and rev'd the car to see/hear where the leak is, the problem was that I spotted the problem, but there's water dripping out, but only when I rev the engine. The water seems clear, but difficult to tell, so the only other option would be coolant. The car seems to run fine with no overheating issues, the longest journey I've done was 50miles, but didn't notice it over
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