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  1. I bought a 350z in December, and I'm really enjoying it. The gearbox is fine imo, coming from a e9x 3 series (i found my bmw box mushy in comparison) you have to be a little more precise when it come to fast shifting, apart from that i've not had any mechanical issues (I preemptively changed the gearbox mounts to polybush out of want that's it)


    With regards to weight i wouldn't say that it feels heavy just more solid and if you're really hammering it you'll probably feel a bit of body roll more than weight itself, its nothing that cant be fixed with sway bars or something.


    Power wise I'm still really enjoying and and don't feel it needs more, you can oversteer any time you like but in the dry you have to make it it happen (unless you're running horrendous tyres). In the wet with TC off you defiantly have to be conscious of your right foot as I've had to catch it a couple of time but its more funny than scary and it's nice to be kept on your toes.


    Also it's worth mentioning that I do all my work myself and part prices aren't too bad and if something is a bit pricier there are plenty of people breaking them or used bits for sale on ebay. Its worth looking at part prices for porsche and coming form a bmw I can say part prices are a lot were worse and mine loved to pop fuses and whine about abs.


    It's worth looking about for a 350 as i got lucky and mine doesn't burn oil (as proper ragged ones are bad for). Also if you didn't know these chug fuel and tyres are expensive ( at least for my 21 yr old self!) I still think it's totally worth owning and one, if you do decide to get one you'll love it!

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  2. When I bought my Z the previous owner said that it needed a new gearbox mount, this was backed up when it would occasionally grind going into 5th gear. So, I have ordered the Z1 gearbox mount over OEM, I not too bothered about vibrations and a little extra noise.


    I'm just wondering if anyone else has one and what your experience and been?

  3. Hi everyone, I recently acquired an 06 350z as this year it seems that fuel will not be an issue due to having nowhere to go and i wanted a little project to occupy my time. I got a sweet deal on this one that already has an induction kit, custom cat-back system, mishimoto rad.


    This is as I said a project and my first sporty car. A few little things i need to sort on it are a scratch on the rear ds arch where its been keyed and replace the bonnet with a seibon cf one as within 3 weeks of ownership someone hit it with their tow bar (typical). Those are the most pressing issues but i can't wait to turn this Z into a little weapon!


    I excited to be part of the community and hopefully attend some shows in the summer! :D 

    PSX_20201224_154931__01 - Copy.jpg

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