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  1. I tried bleeding it yesterday for about 20 minutes. I ran the steering lock to lock with the engine off for about 10 minutes then again with it on. Definitely seems to have purged some air but following this, the pump is now whining consistently. I'm replacing the pump and will properly purge all air in the system, hopefully that will resolve the issue. I checked for leaks down all the pipework through to the rack and both lines on the rack. No leaks to be seen.
  2. Cheers, have just PM'd the expert!
  3. Hi folks, I am hoping this forum can assist, so I bow to your superior knowledge. Ok so I am having issues with my jdm 2003 350z, more particularly, the front wheels. I've noticed some juddering/shaking of the steering wheel. Its happened suddenly and seems to have gotten worse, quickly So far I have; Changed the hubs/bearing assembly on both sides. Changed the tie rod ends both sides (and then had it tracked) Fully flushed the power steering fluid and replaced. Changed the aux belt supplying the PS pulley. I jacked the car up and ran the steering wheel side to side for 5 minutes and you can feel the judder when approaching full lock. You can also visibly see the alloy/wheel shake whe you just come away from full lock. I took the car for a quick drive and noticed a brief squeal when driving slowly at full lock Any ideas what this might be? I am thinking power steering pump? I took the pump out when I was changing the belts, visually inspected and couldn't see anything untoward. If it is the pump, where might I find one as supply seems to be limited? Thanks in advance





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