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  1. Hi, Please could someone give some guidance for finding the issue with park sensor warning going all the time when in reverse? How can I test individual sensors? e.g. Are they open circuit when failed so if I remove the duff one will the beeping stop? How do I remove them? Bumper off? Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi, My son has a 350z and absolutley loves it. His exhaust was broken where it goes into the back box and it sounded amazing. Unfortunatley he's had to have a standard exhaust fitted as he didnt have time to check around for a performance one as he needed an MOT. My car has a switchable exhaust from the manufacturer and he asked if I could do something similar for his. I'm aware of the aftermarket switchable kits that vent under the car but not a lover of the idea of this because of exhaust gasses. So just wondering if any of you guys have created a clever solution to this?
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