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  1. Hi guys. I’m having all sorts of problems, firstly the immobiliser is not allowing me to start the car, only intermittently but rarely and I’ve lost all communication from both my remote central locking keys. 

    I thought I’d look into the key fobs first, I replaced the batteries in the 2 keys, I then tried to do a key reset. So I lock the doors, then put the key in multiple times waiting for the hazards to flash getting into service mode but on the 4th or 5th time of the key going in the central locking unlocks the doors. If I kept going there’s no sign of hazards so I’m guessing that unlocking of the doors is stopping me access the service mode.  

    The car has been off road and not driven in 6 months. I just fitted a new battery. 

    Any suggestions anyone? 


  2. I got the key fob batteries and it’s sorted the remote central locking issue but the not starting/immobiliser issue remains 


    The car will only start if I remove the 15 amp fuel pump fuse and put it back in again. Then it may start 4-5 times without issue until it happens again and I need to remove and refit the fuse once more 


    Any advice on how best to tackle this please anyone? 


  3. Hi guys 


    i have a starting issue. The car just wouldn’t start and it sounded like no fuel was coming through. I pulled the starter motor fuse and it was ok so I put it back in and the car started. I thought that was the end of it. 

    Later on it done the same thing, I pulled the fuse, it didn't make any difference, I pulled it out and put it back again and it started. 

    My friend scanned the car and it was showing immobiliser problem not fuel pump. I then realised I’d also lost the remote central locking so I’m guessing that could be related? I tried doing the key fob reset (turn key to on position 6 times etc) but that didn’t work. 

    So it seems there’s an intermittent immobiliser fault and to reset it I need to pull out a fuse and put it back in. Obviously I can’t live with it like this. 


    Could anyone advise what I’d need to check or replace to get this problem fixed please? Any advice really appreciated 





  4. Hi guys 


    I have a 2003 jdm import car with speedo in kmh, 180 max. The k has been covered over with black tape so it reads m/h but I tested against the kmh in the speedo clock in the centre console and the kmh matches perfectly so it’s still displaying kilometres even though there’s tape on the speedo. A conversion has never been done 


    so I want to make the car display mph on both the speedo and odometer. I will also buy a used mph clock for the centre console 


    I thought I could just buy a mph speedo from a U.K. car and swap them over then get a mileage correction company to put the odometer right but I’ve been told the speedo isn’t compatible. Is that correct? 


    what's my options and the best route forward? I’ve seen you can buy the mph dial but what’s the process for getting the speedo and odometer to read correctly? How much does this generally cost?


     Thanks in advance :) 

  5. 1 hour ago, Jack94 said:

    As Keyser has said, you could sand it down if you're confident doing so and the seller agrees to refund you some of your money for the hastle.

    Or you could just send it back at the sellers expense for a full refund/replacement.


    Athe end of the day it's arrived damaged and that's not acceptable for something "brand new". 

    Thanks mate :) 

  6. I bought a brand new upper plenum on eBay as I wanted to paint it as part of some engine detailing and swap for my moody looking one. Just easier to paint another one and swap them rather than paint mine. 


    Problem is the guy packaged it terribly and its got some damage in transit. My concern is a nasty scratch on the rim 


    I assume where the plenum spacer sits it has to make a perfect seal so the scratch is now going to effect performance if it doesn’t form a seal?


    theres also some damage on 3 of tubes (I know this is not the technical name lol)  but maybe these aren’t as important and can just be sanded flat? 


    Any advice please? I’m not that clued up on engine workings and don’t want to paint it if it’s not going to work right  





  7. 8 hours ago, ShortPaul said:

    Hi mate, just spotted headlights 350z spares on gum tree, 150 quid can't put the linc on due to pants phone,hope this is a help to you:teeth:

    Thanks mate. I just found them. Will send message

  8. Has anybody done this mod? I’ve seen the stick on side repeaters for sale but they look cheap. This is the only picture of the orange rocket bunny I can find with the mod and it’s not clear enough to see if they’ve used the stick on ones or something better.




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