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  1. I am fairly good at fault finding and fixing things. I service and repair power tools for a living. What do you think the best place for me to start looking?
  2. So to update so far. yes I have released the lock near the rear view mirror. When I press the open button the windows go down, the passenger seat back rest moves forward and the roof with the rear glass in unlocks and then nothing else happens.
  3. I am based in Beckenham in Kent
  4. no the roof was not working when I got the car. the car belonged to my friends dad who now has past away so I can't even ask him.
  5. Hi, I have just got my self a 350z on a 07 plate. I seem to have a problem with the electric roof. I have the engine running foot on the brake, press the rood down button and the windows go down I can hear the lock releasing on the roof and that is it nothing else happens. Can any one shed some light on what the first things I should look at. Thank you Lee



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