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  1. So, I bought a cheap z about 3 weeks ago to drift and it started knocking on the way home, I thought it would be easier to swap the engine, so bought another vq35de engine. Pulled my engine out and stripped ancilaries off both engines only to find that the one I bought didnt have the engine mount holes in the block! I thought all vq35de's would be the same, it came out of a Nissan morano......so how many vq35de's are there?? I thought there was 2, the early de engine and the rev up?? Any help would be appreciated, I'm set to loose 20% of the cost of the engine as a handling charge and about £50 to send it back when I return it
  2. Welcome, I'm new to and got problems, just to make you feel like you're not the only one ha ha but I'd fill with water/coolant and pressure test it, most garages with have the tool you need
  3. It's not too bad condition wise...engine blew on the way home tho! But I got it cheap as chips and its gonna be a drifter when done
  4. I knew it had a tap when buying it but I got it dirt cheap, the mods are worth what I paid! And its gonna be a drifter when done
  5. I dont think the engine is salvagable, started it up before very briefly and sounds like a snapped rod...somthing was clattering about
  6. Hi, new here, just bought a 350z last night... cut a long story short It went bang on the way home, my question is will all vq35de engines fit? What I mean Is will one fit out of a nissan elgrand or Morano fit? How do I tell what bhp model it is or is that determined by the ECU? My car is a 2003 if that helps....thanks
  7. If you've read my introduction post you know ha ha
  8. Hi all, im Andy, just bought my first 350z for drifting and it didnt even make it home, I knew it had a tap when buying which developed into a knock on the way home, anyway finally gave in about 3 miles from home. Not bothered as I got a bargain, the performance mods are worth what I paid for it but might be asking some tech questions in the near future ha ha gonna see what the damage is after work, dont know weather to rebuild or just buy another engine....any help apriciated



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