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  1. Hey folks, just a quickie. We sold our Yellow GT4 (number 124) a few years ago and was wondering if someone on here has it, could you post a few piccies. Thanks Simon and Yvonne
  2. Well the garage have found the history so we’re going back for another look. Fingers crossed.
  3. Afternoon all, we’ve been wanting to get back on the Zed ownership trail having had a yellow GT4 for a number of years, we fancy either another 350 or a 370. So today I went to see the above car, an Auto Roadster in blue, nice looking, drove nice but no history. Does anyone know it, previously owned it. Ive been into our local zed dealer and they’ve put the reg no into the computer but the cars only visited a Nissan dealer once for the steering/ign lock recall. Cheers simon
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