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  1. Thanks guys, anything more I should look out for? Gearbox etc?
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, always great to see when starting out on a new forum. However is there Any major bills that I might unexpectedly come across?
  3. Awesome write-up, and thanks for the advice, yes this 350 is totally standard too apart from the pioneer apple CarPlay installed! I don't see any downsides so far to ownership which is good, just a couple of niggly in-expensive but to be honest which I'm not overly bothered with. Thanks again, Sam
  4. Hi All, Hoping to be a 350 owner within the next few days..... it's a lovely example finished in azure blue, 2004 UK GT model with 50,000 miles on the clock. I have no experience with these cars, my last being a Honda integra DC5. Would anyone be able to let me know of the things I need to look out for when going to view it? I know the gearbox could be an issue? Thanks! Sam





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