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  1. Hey guys, having a few issues with the zed... 3 error codes showing my OBDII code reader: P1084 - Problem: P1084 Exhaust valve Timing Control Position sensor (bank 2) P0301- Misfire Cylinder 1 P0300 -Misfire not only related to one cylinder I bought 2 new sensors, aftermarket, Japanparts and stark (although I ordered both Japanparts from carports online but they sent me two different makes) but this didn't fix the P1084 problem, idling at 1100 RPM still but not causing major issue. I had an error code also suggesting I needed a new bank 1 sensor 1 Air/Fuel sensor but this code is no longer there.... I have cleaned the MAF sensor and that hasn't changed anything either. it seems hard to believe all these codes can be relevant. Does anybody in Yorkshire have proper nissan diagnostic software and could assist? I would be happy to pay!!! I don't particularly want to get fleeced by the main dealer. failing that does anyone have any idea where the fault may lie? any feedback will be welcomed! thanks in advance Ben





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