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  1. That's fantastic thank you Rob
  2. Thank you for your input much appreciated
  3. Hi all, I have found someone on here who has had the same issue that I'm having but there was no definitive answer to the problem, (I'm not being lazy I tried to find the answer). When I close my drivers door the driver side window comes down to just short of half way, I have tried raising the window, dropping the down and holding the switch then fully raising the window and holding the switch again to no avail. Any help in curing this issue would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks for your time, Ricky
  4. Hi all, please advise me if I have posted this photo in the wrong thread, If so where should I move it to? This is what I have under the bonnet, I would really like to clean it up and any advise from your wealth of knowledge would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks in advance, Ricky
  5. off topic sorry,but love seeing my zed in your avatar. Your Z in my Avatar ? You got me there
  6. I wouldnt worry mate, when me and my dad work on cars together we are like the chuckle brothers. We spend more time swearing, clanging and banging around and blaming each other for taking off the wrong bits etc than we do actually progressing. We normally end up working on the driveway at midnight via torchlight half cut with Foster's (other brands are available) cans strewn across the lawn. The moral of this story is that we may end up with spare bolts but we always get the job done and nothing has ever fallen off so thats always a plus Even with all the cuts, bruises and stress it can cause it is actually really enjoyable. Unless your working on a German car then its a PITA. I'm going to do some research on build threads and see if I think I'm up to doing any of the simple jobs first, I plan to clean up the engine bay primarily.
  7. Thank You, nice helmet I'm a TD with the 501st and UKG. 77 replica,made from the original mould......... RS Propmasters?
  8. True story and thank you, Happy New Year to you and yours





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