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  1. Cheers glad you like it..
  2. Got it, sent you one right back Cool! you guys make some very impressive software!
  3. Ha ha yea I will do when I get some time Awesome, Zbrush is an amazing tool!
  4. Yes it can indeed Yes its very varied we get to do a lot of stuff and work with some interesting people. Unfortunately were not hiring at the moment He he yea I can, Going to do a better version of the scan next weekend so might do some body work mods to see what it might look like before I spend some money on it I think once Im happy with the scan Ill send it to shape-ways and get a little key ring made.. Thanks, yes it can definitely be exported for use in Solid works we do it all the time for our clients, Currently the tolerance is around 1mm - 0.5mm but its hard to say as photogrammetry isnt quite as accurate as the systems you are probably using i.e Laser or Lidar scanning.. If we could get it up on a lift we could scan the underside which would make it super easy for fabrication work. Thank you! yea I will do a much better scan soon. I have no idea how much we would charge for this service but its very time consuming so I dont think it would be cheap but as the tech progresses and workflows become increasingly faster there will come a point where scanning a car is as simple as taking a photograph.. For this I had to take 490 RAW images Hey, yea no problem just send me an email if you have any questions its jamie@ten24.info
  5. He he, yea it could be done no problem, does depend a bit on the weather and its a time consuming process so could be quite costly.
  6. Hunpy :: Its just a test really to see what kind of details I could get, Ill probably do it again but with a 50 MP camera this was just using a 18 MP canon 100D You can do a lot with the scan, they are really useful for 3d modellers to base their cars on for games like Forza / Gran Turismo etc. They are also accurate to about 1mm so could be used for fabrication purposes. Attak Z :: Thanks Paul K :: Yep it would be pretty easy to print it out.. Could make a little key ring with my own car. Mj86 :: Yep we do all our cleanup work in Zbursh, the car images were processed in Reality Capture
  7. Hey guys I decided to scan my new Zed at the weekend using a new technique that we have developed. It wasn't ideal conditions for the scan, Snow, Rain, Hail so the results are not as good as they can be and there is a lot of noise. I think on the next test I will be able to increase the resolution by about 10 times. We do a lot of this sort of stuff for the games and film industry.. http://ten24.info/ Jamie
  8. Noise with the clutch peddle pressed down should be a concern. That noise when the clutch pedal released however is very common on 350z and isn't anything to worry about, my last two '04 had this I went through the same concerns, i even had H-Dev (zed experts) listen to it and they said its normal on these cars. Welcome to Zed Ownership! I would stick with Alex's Advice How many miles and what year is your HR? FYI: This has been covered before: http://www.350z-uk.c...hen-in-neutral/ Thanks DarmoZ much appreciated the car is a 2007 and it's got 56k on the clock so pretty low millage..
  9. Thanks Alex thats what I was thinking. Cheers I think that's what Ill do, I'm not that concerned about it at the moment as its pretty quite, its under warrenty for the next 3 months and the dealer has offered to look at it for me so if it gets worse Ill let them know and see what happens.
  10. Thanks Kano, Ill look into it some more, It sounds like yours is the other way around mine makes the noise when you release the clutch pedal where as yours does it when you press it down.. Not sure what that means..
  11. Hey guys.. I've had my 350Z HR for about a week now and I'm noticing a sort of whirring sound when I release the clutch, I've had a search on the forums and a lot of people seem to say it's the release bearing but I cant find any actual videos of the sound so I've made a quick one. Apologies if this has been answered 1000 times before. What I would be interested to know is if this is normal or if its something I should get sorted. The car drives perfectly there is a bit of a wine under acceleration in the lower gears but I've heard worse I had the diff and transmission oil changed yesterday but hasn't made much difference. really appreciate any advice on this as the car is still under warranty from the garage. Cheers Jamie
  12. Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate all the welcome messages, this seems like a great forum! Went out with Paddy in Leeds the other night and made a quick video comparing the sound of our exhausts. Paddy's Nismo setup sounds amazing, I'm very tempted! First car is mine the second one is Paddy's
  13. Cheers! Thankyou. Thanks. Ha ha yea that badge is coming off as soon as I get a chance..
  14. Thanks Matt, yep I think I'm going to be there on the 13th.





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