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  1. Ha-Ha again I am a novice so was confusing for me. I even looked on ebay to see if ay cars had pics of car dash's to see if it was the same as mine ha ha.
  2. hey there, i think i may have been having a blonde moment. what i believe to be a warning light i think is not a warning light and may have been there the whole time i just never took that much notice until i added the solution. i then panicked thinking i had done harm to then engine then good. im struggling on how to upload a pic. newbie to the site. if you look on the zs dash you will see the petrol gauge with a petrol filler symbol on the opposite side you see the the oil coolant gauge with a symbol a thermometer with two lines under it. i didnt think that symbol should of been there but on further investigation it seems it is just a symbol that has been there the whole time. i hope this makes sense.
  3. no I didn't change the oil. as this product is a cleaner and advises to change the oil later on not during adding. tbh I think the light has always been there and I have just never noticed it before. its the engine coolant indicator. the gauge is still In the middle of the dial. can you upload a pic of your dash with the engine running. would solve the issue.
  4. Morning All, yesterday added STP60450EN 450ml oil treatment to my engine oil. I drover the car about 20 mile and now a white temperature warn light has appeared to the of the dash board temperature gauge. any info would be great cheers.



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