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  1. Awesome, thank for the advice chaps
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a manual 350z GT, preferably black but not too fussed about the colour, no more than 80k miles for around £6,000. Please let me know if you're selling or know anyone who is selling similar. Thanks, Mitch p.s I am based in Bournemouth
  3. m1tch27

    K1 exhaust

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if someone had a k1 for sale, preferably with the bungs, let me know I'm located in Bournemouth area. Thanks, Mitch
  4. Cool thank you, all sorted, please close thread
  5. Hello, I'm after a Nissan ISO lead to fit a Sony after market Double din stereo, I have Bose sound system so will need to be compatible with that.
  6. m1tch27

    Exhaust wanted

    Hey Peeps! I'm looking for a decent second hand exhaust preferably K1, cobra or scorpion, let me know if you have one for sale or know anyone that does. Thanks, Mitch
  7. m1tch27

    K1 Exhaust

    Ah brilliant! I shall pop him a message cheers mate, what cat back are you after anyway? the Scorpion one sounds real nice.
  8. m1tch27

    K1 Exhaust

    Hi, just wondering if anyone is selling a Japspeed K1 exhaust system, or know anyone who has one for sale. Used or new, I don't mind Cheers Mitch
  9. ^^^ that looks spot on! Did it say how much it was?
  10. Yeah I had been quoted £450! but cannot justify spending that on some stainless steal pipes ha.
  11. Hi, does anyone have straight pipes from the muffler flange joint for sale or know anyone that is selling them? Cheers Mitch Something like the file attached would be ideal



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