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  1. hi i have sn import its got bose i took the headunit out and theres like 4 connectors i bought a uk iso it did not fit any ideas were i can get one from ? cheers
  2. hi in the snow someone hit my rear corner in doing so damaged my light so just wanted to know if i buy the facelift led light will it straight swap cheers
  3. appreciate it guys ill pm zman and get the p3 cheers
  4. hi sorry i have no history with the car its on 37000 but i want to make sure its running sweet not sure when it was last serviced i want tobuy all the parts and then get my local to sort it out its not me being lazy
  5. hi guys i have a 2002 import and it needs a service what will i need i want to change spark plugs too and any where for good prices thanks
  6. yes this is a great forum cheers im loving it again the z is fun
  7. yes it was and thanks for all the help guys it was the cable that plugs into the fans went faulty somehow so my electrician has sorted it
  8. does anyone know if the speedo is a cable or electric ?
  9. guys does anyone know a local garage who knows these cars inside out ? im in reading berkshire
  10. i appreciate that thanks ill get my old man to give me a hand isit ok to do that as there are 4 wires there on the fans
  11. hi guys so had the aa come to look he seems to think its the temprature switch does anyone know where it is located





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