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  1. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Jez at horsham development for sorting out my ecu powering issue and other bits, and sorting out the map on the car. The lambda readings are bang on 14.7 and runs so smooth all the way through the rev range. Top guys at horsham!! The coolant leak was the anti-roll bar knocking on the bottom coolant pipe when going over speed bump just a slight adjustment, sorted that out and the power steering was just a case of changing the end fitting in the rack.. Sorted out the exhaust changing the sprung pipes for something else and also fitting better clamps.
  2. Ahhh!! Massively disappointed that I missed TRAX at Silverstone yesterday really wanted to bring the car along so everyone could see it. Recently I have just been really busy with everything happening at the same time , my sisters wedding that was an amazing week away ,I have been moving house and changing jobs and other random things going on so sorry for no updates recently...but yes I do have the car back and running ok.... It made 503.6BHP, and approx 630nm of torque so really happy with that..... Drove like a bag of @*!# when I first drove it due to missing bolts from the subframe so got that sorted... The power delivery is different but really cool due to the size of the turbo, it's got lag!, but to drive it around town it's sweet you can't spin the wheels under 3000rpm, so feels quite sensible ..... It's when you hear the turbo spool up at 5000rpm you know your on boost the noise is amazing so crazy on once your on boost it pulls like a train to 7750rpm... BUT... I have had a few coolant leaks that now seem to be sorted and a slight power steering issue that it think is sorted just tonight. The Toyota gearbox needs to go.. Synchro in 3rd is on its way out and the box just has a horrible feel so I'm currently sorting out getting the 350z 6 speed box back on very soon!!! Still need to sort out the new breather system and I have to redo the injector wiring (melted some wiring this evening) and there are a few odd bits to sort out here and there but it is getting there!!! I have a few day off between moving jobs so plan on sorting some bits out and also get some pictures and videos soon..
  3. Thanks dude!! Yeah the car defo needed boost but the N/A engine feel is cool, I came from a range of turbo cars and the V6 was just so different. I sold the VQ engine but still have the gearbox so once the car is ready and running ok I'm going to fit the 350z box back on, I have a adaptor plate coming over from America soon. I take it nobody like electronics haha , My background of being a BMW apprentice and now a technician you get to learn about can systems and we use fibre optics and other system anyway, to be fair the electronic are really basic on this build , now we are come to the days of fully electric and hybrid cars , until you see a wiring diagram for them , this look like a few wires. The link ecu is a cool bit of kit really simple to use and I was able to scrap the toyota ignition system and replace it with Audi Bosch coils that are easy to get hold of. Will keep you updated when I hear some news on the cars Thanks for the comments!!
  4. Haha.... Yeah it's something I want to do but just don't know where to start ... Haha
  5. Spoke to Craig on Friday and he said its sound metal now it's running better ... The turbo chatter is so load!!! Can't wait to get it back ,also bought some new toys from the USA today!!!
  6. Its been a while since I was last on here just been really busy with other stuff , was sorting out and moving into my new house and been in Lithuania for a wedding. Spoken to Jez and Craig at horsham over the last few weeks , the guys have had loads on so haven't been working on my car too much , but there has been some progress. The AN fitting for the power steering didn't last as the pump runs about 100BAR of pressure , so Jez had a new high pressure pipe made and fitted. The car new idles nicely and was actually under fuelling when I had it running, it's got a slight coolant leak and the fuel pressure regulator need relocating. The only major problem found is the ecu randomly cuts out so Jez is having a look into this week just a a matter of precaution, so once that is done time to hit the rolling road... Fingers crossed. I really want to get it back on the road and test the car and as we have this amazing weather would be the prefect summer!! Goimg to have miss jap fest 2 as my got loads going on so really want the car to be at TRAX at Silverstone in September so I can show the car!!!
  7. Yeah I have new clamps the same as this 100 times better so they will all be replaced when I get the car back. Also I will have to change the exhaust section between the down pipe and the cobra as its running too close to the chassis under the car, but will have to do for the moment..
  8. Been enjoying the weather over the last few weekends and been in a mad rush to get the car sorted , as I have a busy summer ahead. First got some fuel into the tank. gave her some power Sorted the exhaust..had to trim the gearbox mount to make some clearance for the 3inch pipe The exhaust clamps are only temporary as they hang really low and already had issues with them. This was how my girlfriend helped me .....she took pictures as I was working...very helpful haha!!! Few engine bits sorted wires cut to lenght and all sensors connected. New spark plugs. Wires, wires, and more wires everywhere, Just have so many additional sensors and toys to fit. Connected a Prosport Evo boost gauge into the centre consol. So with the Link G4 all connected and verything looking ok I set up a base map from a 2JZ and calibrated the trigger off set and turned the key...and it started first time!!! check out the link to the youtube video. (really sorry for the quality as it was taken on an Iphone) With the car started but massively over fuelling and popping out 5 foot flames every five seconds I booked the car into Jez at Horsham Developments to sort out the fuelling issue and check a few things I needed sorted as I couldn't complete them at the side of the road. So she is now at her new home for the next few weeks and will be driven home. So bring on the boost and summer fun!!! Can't wait!!!
  9. Haha thank you ... But I didn't rob a bank but it is about 6-8 times over the original budget I set in the first place..
  10. Small update on the car.. So with the car jacked up fitted a homemade exhaust from the dowm pipe to the Cobra back section.. Not easy due to the camber of the road so couldn't get the car too high... Now for the tail pipes..Due the the high temperatures of the exhaust I went for something different. made more for purpose then show....and they are only 2.5inch pipe which is the diameter of the corba exhaust.. Then heat wrapped them,it's Smooth woven Basalt Exhaust wrap, the same as the down pipe. Should prevent the bumper from melting.. Next up removed all the fuel lines and refitted them away from the wiring loom.. Haha Arron popped over....Whats he up to?? More AN fittings arrived.. using bulkhead fitting to keep everything safe and also looks professional.. The red liquid around the base is a liquid gasket to prevent water ingress into the cabin.. A random photo of the amount of gold in the engine bay...looks good when the sun is out!! AN fitting and pipe used for the high pressure power steering pipe. It has a maximum operating pressure of 2500psi and burst pressure of 6000psi. Relocated the battery in the boot. Using an Odyssey Extreme racing battery, AGM construction and 5.7kg in weight..
  11. The video of the digidash does not work will try to get it to work its looks cool when you turn the ignition on. You can also change the sweep times and other little fetures via the Link G4 software.
  12. So as you know from this, the standard 350Z rev counter will not work, and due to keeping the NATS on the car some other fetures started to work intermittently and cause really odd reading from differnt ecu outputs. the body loom runs quite a few can bus systems not working on voltage but signals and ecu outputs and inputs. The air bag control unit was removed along with a large number of other control unit, so that I could make my own wiring modifications to the can bus system. I changed a large amount of ecu control inputs and outputs resulting in the whole cars electronics working correctly, like making the heater blower work correctly. Other systems that were removed were thing like the starter motor wiring and fuel pump wiring, so that the car didnt think that its stolen due to not having any communication with the engine ecu. A number of nissan contol unit had to be opened and internally rewired to work with the engine swap.. With all of that sorted for now there was only one way to go with the engine and buy a standalone engine management system. A box turned up one day.. A box with a few wires.. Its a Link G4 xtreme standalone engine management system, did loads of research and its had all the fetures I wanted for an aftermarket ecu. Random piture of the G4 compared to 350Z and 1JZ ECUs.... It has integrated boost solenoid, runs a MAP sensor and can and allows you to add you own aux outputs, like EGT and additional injection fetures. Also never used the system so will teach myself how to... So I made a new engine loom after work. An hours later looked like this Updated the ignition system so wired in Audi TT ignition coils. Have a cool mounting bracket so it look neat and tidy. Had a change of colour of the rocker covers.... Its too pink, wanted a deep purple so it will be change,as there is a change of plan with a new breather system beening made. So the wires stared to go in. Also the standard instrument cluster replaced with a ETB Digidash with GSP speedo and speed camera detection system built in. As the cars getting build its becoming less and less road legal...And more race car..haha Fitted new fuel lines with AN-6 lines and tested the fuel pump.. and ended up with a massive fuel leak.. it took 3 days to rectify the leak.. the pump is monstrous. So the lines were removed and checked and checked again..was not much fun... The fuel lines still need to be done again due to them running too close to some of the wiring and the battery being upgraded and relocated.
  13. With turbo and intercooler fitted it requires the pipes to be squeezed into the engine bay.. Turbo outlet just about the alternator. Inlet manifold inlet .. these are the pipes that need to fit in the gaps, they are 3inch reduced to 2.5inch N/S/F gap O/S/F gap with pipe fitted Front view of pipes All the pipes needed to be checked for clearance of the front wheels, to ensure the over sized wheels could actually still fully lock both ways. Everything was ok .... with a few things cut and moved out the way. The car has had both windscreen and headlight washer bottles removed and will need to plumbed back into the car somewhere else. New exhaust turned up . Its a cobra Y-pipe back but this car has no Y-pipes so I need to make the section between the down pipe and the cobra exhaust.. The exhaust is not complete at the moment, due to a few random issues under the car, but here are a few pictues of what it should look like. There are not very good pictures due to not beening able to really get under the car.. Sitting nice and flush against the body. Now lets talk electronics....haha The first thing that happened was to throw away the OEM Toyota loom and ecu.. Far too many old wires with poor connections and damaged plug connectors, not a big job to fix, but the problems with the 350Z. haha
  14. Thank you everyone for the comments its all backed dates so that's the reason it's getting posted so quickl. It's been a year since I started building it and it's still being build so you all be up to date soon there is still loads more to come!! Looking to be around the 500BHP mark but some of the modifications done recently could rocket that number up but will not really know until I get it mapped. It's hard work building this due to the size of the engine bay ,it's tiny compared to other cars and really no built for straight 6 engines..haha Also at the moment it's being built at the side of the road just to make it that bit harder... Still working hard to finish it before mid summer this year so everyone can see it in the flesh... But massive thank you again for the comments
  15. Time for a turbcharger...and its BIG.. Its a driftmotion hybrid turbo sent over from USA its had the internals modified and used all Garrett internals. It's not an expensive turbo but has been proven in the USA so it's worth a try. Will upgrade the turbo when its running or blow all the seals.. Sitting next to a 330ml coke can.. The wastegate on the right is the 44mm one supplied by driftmotion. No way was that big bugger going to fit past the steering shaft,so got myself a Turbosmart 40mm compgate thats half the size. Arran popped over so I could check or change something on his car...haha so we got this cool pictures of the 1JZ vs VQ35 faceoff. Exhaust manifold and wastegate then heat wrapped . Manifold fitted. Turbo fitted Due to the excessive amounts of heat that the manifold and turbo will produce needed something to try block some heat. So had to modify the intake pipe and used gold tape to refect some heat. So expensive but also just looks cool. It started like this.... Required the randon holes to be blocked.. Sanded it smooth. Wrapped it in gold heat reflective tap.. And fitted the air filter.. And there you have it the most expensive intake pipe I have ever fitted to a car...





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