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  1. does anyone sell regularly on pistonheads. Ive tried autotrader but haven't had a single bit of interest even though it says the advert had 200 views a week.

    I cant post it here because of the 100 post rule.

    All i want to know is if pistonheads is better for private sales.

  2. So just had the front of my zed repaired/respayed, cos some idiot scuffed my paint, anyway wanted to get some good car shampoo and wax.

    I hear there a few put a thin layer of whatever over the car that help prevent small stone chips and scratches.

    Any ideas which is best or what do you use,

    Will much appreciate your views.

  3. yep its happened to me mate, some idiot on the phone wrote my last zed off in jan, now my insurance is 400 extra. did you claim against the person who hit you, cos you can claim it back. if you didnt move insurance company and dont tell them, or does it get regestered so they all know :shrug:





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