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  1. Apoligise if this has been covered. Ive recently fitted japspeed decats and a stillen y pipe. Iam right in thinking this is where the gains are made up over the stock system? and that the rear section/backbox makes no difference and is just about looks and sound over the stock rear section? Iam going to book the car for a uprev remap when i come back from holiday but want to make the most out of it so if fitting an aftermarket rear section will improve things i can get one fitted before i go Cheers jimmy
  2. Thanks bud just wanted to clear that up
  3. Just installed my japspeed decat pipes and now the engine management light has come on. Is this normal after fitting decats? and can it be switched off during an uprev remap? Cheers jim
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I just liked the look of the nurburgring so rung up about the wheels and thats what i got recommended. Iam not even that sure which wheels to go for. Id like some that will clear the brembos, fill the arches nicely and look good on a black zed, I dont mind using spacers either theres just to many out there i ve looked through the 20 page wheel thread on here and non really jumped out any ideas anyone?
  5. I know its an old thread but you have to give me points for using the search facillity .
  6. Whers the best place to get a set of these from?
  7. Thanks for explaining that. Would you do thids instead of or aswell as a plenum spacer? or is that what it is? How much are they and where can i get one from?
  8. Dumb ass question but whats a mrev2?
  9. Iam looking to lower the car on 18s but after reading up on the eibachs vs tein threads it would be really handy to see a pic of a zed on the spax lowering springs as from what ive read they seem to be somewhere between the eibachs and teins. Any pics out there? Cheers jimmy
  10. Iam lookin at getting myself a set of ultralite nurburgrings for the zed. I rung ultralite up and they suggested a 9.5" rim at the back with a 35mm offset and an 8" rim at the front with a 25mm offset with 265x35x18 on the back and 245x40x18 on the front. Does this sound right and would the fronts fit over my brembos? I want the widest wheel and tyre i can get on the back but iam also looking for the wheels to feel out the arches, would i require spacers to achieve this? Any advice appreciated p.s if anybody has a picture of these whhels on a zed id love to have a peak jimmy
  11. Iam looking to fit the full nismo kit to the zed with either the v1 or v2 front bumper. The cars going to stop on 18s with a full japspeed exhaust. If i lower the car on either eibachs or teins iam i going to have clearance issues with speed bumps etc and what would the ride quality be like? O
  12. I spoke to mark today at abbey motorport and he was more than helpful so thanks again mark. His opinion was to start of with the best version u can so was in favour of starting with a HR engined car as hed seen good gains with this engine.
  13. So if the same mods were carried out on both the the 07 would be noticable quicker? All it is is that if iam going to get a 350 i dont want to pay nearly as much for say a 2006 to then spend money trying to make it as good as an 07 model, id rather start with the best most powerful model if they respond as well to basic mods. Could you also confirm to me the exact time the bonnet bulge engine (sorry i dont know the code) was introduced ?
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