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  1. New owners have joined the forum so Id expect them to go to the odd event or 2...
  2. lee considering doing just that but will see if there is any interest first etc.
  3. Seeing as I've now found the track toy Im after Michelle is making me sell the zed (I cant have both so unfortunately the zed has to go ) Make: Nissan Model: 350z (UK) Engine: 3.5 V6 Year: 2004 ('04 plate) Colour: Chilli Red Mileage: 54,000 M.O.T : October Tax: march 14 Some Background: Previously Craig Mudd’s car which won numerous concourse competitions see below a bit of info relating to this:- Whilst modifying the car, craig pretty much got the car to concourse standard. The car had a full respray in Feb 2009 in order for craig to be able to compete in the competitions. Standard Nissan paint is far too soft and can swirl and mark easily. As it stands the paint work is in great condition. And more recently the original front and rear bumpers have been painted and re-fitted (After the chargespeed bodykit was removed). The Front bumper number plate holder has been removed and the holes smoothed to give a better look. The number plate has been relocated to the intake grille.Black zunsort grille replaced the original silver nissan one. In Feb 2009 The underbody of the car was cleaned and then Schutz painted. Everything was masked off neatly so the underneath of the car looks as new. All aluminium Exhaust heatshields have been polished. All 4 wheel arches have been scrubbed and cleaned. They are now free of wax and all the aluminium suspension components are also free from wax. This makes them easier to clean, and they always look like new. The front arch liners were replaced for brand new items. The engine bay was been thoroughly cleaned and all wax and dirt has been removed. In March 2009 Samco Coolant hoses and an uprated 50mm aluminium radiator were fitted, the coolant was replaced with – Fuchs Eskimo Antifreeze. At the same time the Gearbox oil and Rear Differential oil were replaced with – Silkolene Silktrans Syn5 75W-90 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil. The brake fluid was also replaced (When I fitted the K-sport brakes) and has subsequently been replaced again in August 2010 when the original Brembo brakes were refitted. All MOT’s and tax discs are present. All services are stamped in the Warranty book. Unfortunately I do not have a receipt for the first 2 services (I will endeavour to try and find them) M.O.T’s: Service Records: 15/07/05 Reg Vardy (Nissan Main Dealer) – P1 Service – 10,347 09/06/06 Reg Vardy (Nissan Main Dealer) – P2 Service – 21,602 20/12/06 Reg Vardy (Nissan Main Dealer) – P1 Service – 27,290 08/02/08 Evan Halshaw (Nissan Main Dealer) - P3 Service – 36,459 26/03/09 Revolution (Specialist) – P1 Service – 41,159 17/03/10 Revolution (Specialist) – P2 Service – 43,396 May 11 P1 carried out by Ian at TRD in nottingham The car has only done 10k since weve had it. The car is a NON GT UK model but still boast a good standard specification: 6 Speed gearbox HID Headlights Headlight Washers Brembo Brakes – Front & Rear Cloth Sports Seats Climate control PAS Electric windows. Electric Mirrors (folding) Oil and volt gauges, trip computer. Factory Alarm/immobilizer In order to return the car to an excellent Pre Modified condition in 2011 the following items were put onto the car and were all brand new at the time: Inovit alloys & tyres (these could do with a refurb as there are minor scuffs on the fronts , FK lowering springs, Intake pipe & Kenwood Stereo. The car also boasts a formidable mods list: Berks hi flow cats Uprev by RS tuning inc plenum spacer fitted Polished pipe with HKS ltd edition red filter Asi-performance aluminium radiator Japspeed K2 polished Exhaust Samco Red Coolant and Ancillary hoses Gloss Black plenum Gloss Black Engine cover Red Grounding kit. FK lowering springs (30mm drop) 18†Black Inovit Sparkle Alloys 225/45/18 Front 245/45/18 Rear Kei Black wheel Nuts Smoothed front bumper (Number plate holder removed) Zunsport black grille Motorgrade carbon roof overlay Motorgrade carbon a pillar replacements Varis Carbon B pillars Custom black handles Smoothed rear quarter (Aerial removed) Custom black badges (No silver anywhere) Custom black ancillaries in interior Sparco Foot Pedals Di-noc Carbon Centre Console Di-noc Gear surround Di-noc Door switches Di-noc Door Inserts Di-noc vent Covers Di-noc steering wheel controls Di-noc Sill plates Custom red leather gear gaiter and handbrake gaiter The graphics can be removed quite easily too. The price I believe reflects the condition and modifications on the car, . ] Price: £6,350 more pics to follow Attached Thumbnails[/b]
  4. yes mate its still for sale but I aint giving it away....oh and for anyone out there that is looking for a concourse car this isn't one....its close but it aint concourse its just in very good nick for an 04 with some nice tasteful mods on it
  5. Will you might do as if I keep the zed may just buy a separate track toy...
  6. Wasn't intending using we buy just pointing out the car is worth a sensible amount etc. don't need to sell the car just want a track toy is all so not going to give it away. The one place you'd expect people to support not selling zeds cheap would be on here remember people the more you devalue other people's zeds the less yours will be worth etc...
  7. Lol it's done 55k not 155.... I'd get 5500 we buy any etc. not in any hurry we've already got the s4 so ill leave it for sale and if it sells it sells if it doesn't it won't be till march next year where I'll be a bit more determined as I want to be sprinting April onwards next year
  8. Well after 4 visits from various people one by proxy and the inane picking fault with very minor stone chips or the decals (which will come off and its only 4 year old paintwork on a 04!!) or wanting to take the carbon off or put GT seats back in it Im beginning to think id rather keep the car.....Ive prepped the car 4 times this week already and quite frankly its starting to do my nut in a little...Ive also starting to think that maybe Im letting it go too cheaply, im not in any hurry to sell it and by the time its gone im not going to get any track stuff in this year anyhow due to commitments etc. What do you reckon guys? Put it back up to 7200?
  9. Yeah we had to miss wales as it clashed with other stuff this year and missed the lakes due to my redundancy etc. Gumtree have removed the offending article great spot guys!!!
  10. thanks guys for spotting this ive reported it as ive not posted it etc, im not in surrey and it certainly aint for sale at 4 grand.....
  11. ha ha very funny dave...my response is mind the gap!! Vik many thanks for the kind words. Michelle thinks the same as you... I think its just priced right etc. Its up for 7200 on autotrader so the forum price is for the right person and is minus the wiggle room etc. Want it to go to a good home and will prob miss it the moment it goes off the driveway. Do have a S4 cab coming next week to console myself with though and the replacement for the zed will deffo bring a smile.....
  12. cant get the photos to upload due to there size and I need to drop michelle off at work pm me your email address mate and ill email you the photos of the graphics. there not over the whole car by any means mate
  13. [/img][/img] not great photos (iphone ) and it needs a clean but that should do you.
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