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  1. Hurrah my first spotted! Glad to get a wave back for once, getting used to being blanked these days. ..Think your car was looking a little cleaner than mine(!) but I was escaping the hosepipe ban for a visit back to my home town in my defence!
  2. Blue 350z parked up at INEOS in Seal Sands and I think a Black 350z(?) west bound on the M62 around Junction 36 @ 4PM today! Hopefully make someones day anyway .
  3. Afternoon Neil, Yes thanks! When I was crawling under with only the jack on one corner I noticed the passenger side cat sensor wasn't clipping in the same as the driver’s side, it seemed snug but would pull out without much force and without having to depress any clips. After you confirmed it was a CAT sensor I headed home to get it over the pit and undid both sensors from the mounting rail it was fairly obvious that the passenger side had taken a knock and been pushed a few millimetres down the rail so the connector couldn't be pushed far enough to clip in and lock in place. The damage isn't as bad as I thought I'll obviously need a new tray as mine is now in the bushes down the side of the M1 but both the bumper mountings and the bits of the wheel arch that connect to the tray have survived enough to be plastic welded and with the space under the pit I don't think it should be a huge job. Alex is busy getting my order sorted for the tray and some nuts and retaining clips as we speak! Thanks again everyone it was a @*!# weekend by all accounts but I seem to have got out of it with the least damage possible really. Jay
  4. A huge thanks to Lincolnbaggie for coming out to meet me and reading the code, even offered to leave me with his scan gauge in case I needed to reset it for testing which I thought was very generous having only known me 15 mins and don't imagine they're cheap either! Another thanks to Stew for the on-going PM's, I did manage to get the code with the peddle method but Neil was happy to come out to confirm I hadn't missed a flash! Everyone that said Cat sensor gets some points, I got it over the pit at home and the connector had taken a **** and been knocked back on the mounting so I guess even though it was the connection wasn't great and any slight bumps would probably have knocked it enough to upset it. Underneath is a lot better than expected I'll get some degreaser in the week and have a fun Saturday morning making it look better. I've got away very lucky all I need is an under tray and some new wheel arch liners which hopefully Alex should be able to supply. Thanks for all the help and kind words Jay
  5. Now that's not a bad idea at all! I think the pressure washer got everything off that's going to come off easily though. I've got a pit in the garage at home so I'll get it parked over there tomorrow and hand scrub the rest, safe to say it'll be cleaner than it was before! However it's supposed to be stormy tonight, if we get a proper downpoor I might have a blast up and down the A52. Why not just go in a "evil" car wash, some of them you can pay to only wash the underneath? I already used the brush from those "evil" petrol station pressure washers to have a good scrube underneath but most of it is gonna take some elbow grease. Can't believe people use those on their paint :O
  6. Now that's not a bad idea at all! I think the pressure washer got everything off that's going to come off easily though. I've got a pit in the garage at home so I'll get it parked over there tomorrow and hand scrub the rest, safe to say it'll be cleaner than it was before! However it's supposed to be stormy tonight, if we get a proper downpoor I might have a blast up and down the A52.
  7. I'm only 22 and my insurance was close to 2k without a claim last time I'm pretty sure claiming will cost me more in one renewal than the £400-£600 repairs.
  8. Just cleaned it up best I could before going to a pressure washer. The plastic thing looked like an air funnel, possibly to the rear breaks? Half it was missing so I just snipped it at source. I'm about to PM a few people to take them up on favours and questions, thanks for the help guys.
  9. *Morning*/Afternoon, I've only just managed to drag myself out of bed given what lies in wait under my car... A few more details now I can think a little more clearly without fits of rage, lol. The dog was a bullmastiff, a ****ing huge bullmastiff. It was around 11.30PM on the M1 Southbound with no lighting. An MG ZR was following what was described as a land rover with one of those boot windows which opens. The driver couldn't say for sure how it was evacuated i.e. was it pushed or did it jump.. However the dog would struggle to fit through one of those windows so I can't see it having jumped myself. The ZR driver did not see the reg, I can't blame him though there's no way I'd have managed it. It took out the under tray of Vectra who fled the scene pretty sharp so I presume he was uninsured or something.. Given the circumstances I didn't catch his details. A few other cars and a lorry obliterated it and the motorway was then put down to one lane while the "clean up crew" cleaned the mess. Now I realise this is an utterly horrible job, those poor bastards having to scrape up the remains but I honestly couldn't believe all they had was a plastic shovel and half the remains were thrown into the bushes and the rest thrown in the back of their flatbed truck. Mine was the only car which was un-driveable, despite the fact it hit the bonnet of the MG ZR and went up and over, it left a big dent but nothing major. Fin! A big thanks to all the replies and offers, especially Stew for being up at that hour, the knowledge it's only likely to be sensors was probably the only reason I got to sleep. My plan: I'm going to borrow some axle stands from somewhere to survey the damage, clean then remove bits hanging down from my diff and exhaust, I'm not normally squeamish but I've not smelled anything as foul as my poor car.. Then off to shove a pressure washer underneath, the poor f***s at the petrol station can get in on the action too! I've been writing this for a good 20 mins already, I worry my motivation may be lacking... Thanks Jay
  10. I'm sorry this is such a horrible topic but I really need some help... I was driving down the M1 south bound just after 29A (I think, still in shock) 3 cars in front of me a large dog was thrown out of the back of a land rover, after going over the roof of one and under two others it was my turn it went straight under mine which had it been your average run about would probably have been fine, as it was a 350z however it was not... It pulled back my splitter and under tray which had to be hacksawed off by roadside assistance, which was delegated to by the AA, I'll post his name and company when I'm not half a bottle of whiskey under because he was a hero, I don't think anyone else would have touched that with a barge pole under health and safety... let alone the smell. I thought this horrible event was over until I tried to continue my journey and the light that looks like a pump came on, I pulled over and read in the manual that it was OK to drive as it wasn't flashing. The big question is what is that light likely to be on for? It has no running problems other than having half the dog entrails stuck between my diff and chassis which ****ing stinks. My best guess would be an exhaust sensor that's taken a big knock? I'll check back here in the morning after getting it up on axle stands to... clean it out... and to check on the damage, there is definitely a bit of plastic hanging down near the diff as it scratched on the speed bumps approaching my gf's in Sandiacre. If there are any members near Sandiacre that have an ODB reader that I could check the problem with I'd be very appreciative, there won't be any whiskey left but I'm sure I can pick one up. Also any advice on where I can get a new under tray from and the price range would be helpful although I'm sure Zamanalex or Ebay will be just as easy. I'm sorry for the horrible post but given the circumstances I hope it's forgiven... Safe to say if the police ever catch this person I won't be using their details for insurance purposes and I will be editing this line out in future.... Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Jay
  11. Awesome mate, I'm sure you've been told a million times but they are stunning! Hope you've still get a big silly grin on your face
  12. I very rarely stick around this neck of the woods during the weekend to spot the "weekend car"... @ Jeff I sent you a PM on facebook mate. Edit: Nevermind I've stumbled across the "weekend car" very nice.
  13. Hey, hows it going? Did I read that you'd sold up now?
  14. Around 5.40pm today (Thurs)... Only just saw you as you turned towards S****horpe and I pushed on down to Broughton. Not seen many round here so not expecting any luck on the forums!





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