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  1. Talking a fully forged stroked motor. 1,000whp isnt easy, but we can do it Rotated turbos as well to fit the running gear in Money is no object to this chap, and he smply wants the best... Matt
  2. Just an update, We are now taking on Jun's 4WD 350Z. The chap is wanting to run a similar AWD setup with the attitude of 'if its not over 1,000bhp then don't bother' Crazy I know, but we love it Now we start sourcing parts... Matt
  3. Cheers for the warm welcomes guys, its definately a fun project to be involved with! We have a DD rolling road that can take 1800bhp so will be good to finally TEST it lol the most we have had so far is around 600ish skyline mapping etc. Fun times Matt
  4. I think the route we are going to take is to sleeve/line the current block and rebuild from there. A built engine is definatekly something to consider.... GTM, bad rep or?
  5. lol not a problem For some info on the Nova, have a glance either here: http://www.migweb.co.uk/forums/projects-restorations/424830-500-bhp-awd-nova.html or here: http://www.mtechautomotive.co.uk/guides/index.php/Dan%27s_VX_Nova Enjoy
  6. Just \ road car as far as I'm aware! We are also building a 500bhp AWD Nova for the chap as well utlising Evo 5 RS running gear... madness! I have some pics will upload as soon as I find my elusive camera lead, really having one of those days today!! Matt
  7. Thanks, It definatley looks to be a challenge, but with a relatively open budget, I hope to aim for it. The idea is to build it for 900+bhp and run it safely at around 650bhp. Matt
  8. Thanks I'll have a read around First things first we need to remove the current engine, so will get that underway and strip it down to see what we are starting with. Are there any top-nothc parts suppliers for this level of build? It is already running forged internals, but in accordance with its failure, the customer is wanting a complete fresh build. Any ideas on where to start?? thanks!
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys Will certianly be interesting. I will take some pics of the car tomorrow to show you all what we are dealing with. I think before we start advertising our 350Z 'skills' we have better get stuck into the first one we have ever toyed with! Cheers, Matt
  10. Hi everyone. We are a tuning company down in Wilts and have been tasked with tuning a customers 350Z to around the 800-1000bhp mark. The engine as it is has been fitted with the APS twin turbo kit (installed and tuned by another company), and recenetly failed on the road (big ends due to low oil of all things!) and was running around 550bhp. We are aiming for as above quite high BHP figures. Does anyone have any specific information as to reccomended components, alterations etc. We build alot of high power subarus and map our own management systems so we know the obvious, just not specific to this vehicle. I am thinking liners and closing the deck, but I am sure theres a lot more to consider so any info much appreciated. I will of course post lots of info and images of the build on here Thanks, Matt @ M-Tech



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