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  1. Big thanks to Ewen for his help. My new car mats have arrived and have kindly been sprayed with protector and 'fitted' by my boyfriend!. As always it's been a pleasure to do business with Clark's Motorsport BTW Ewen - do you have any genuine Nissan front number plate holders (with fittings)? I managed to crunch mine on the front of the house (oh, the shame of it!!!). Lou
  2. Just like to say a big thank you to Ewen for all his help in getting me some P3 service items; Denso Iridium plugs and Nissan diff oil when all the motor factors my mechanic uses couldn't and neither could Nissan - well they could but 1 week+ lead time for items with plugs more than £7.50each more than Clark M/S and fluid nearly twice the price... Ordered lunchtime Thursday arrived 8.30am Friday - brilliant! Will always use going forward as ZManAlex' rep is alive and well! Lou
  3. Welcome future Zed owner! Good mileage, 309 bhp (313 ps). Decent(ish) price and very pretty. I like the body kit but I'd have to get rid of all those nismo badges. They are a bit in your face (in my opinion!). Go for it. And definitely put it on the ferry and drive it back. Enjoy x
  4. Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying - I've been busy. I don't have a preference for stock or uprated so can you please quote for both? I already have the chatter so not too worried but if you do both single/dual, please quote for boht. You can PM quote, or you can post here if you prefer - please do which ever is easiest for you. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks guys - ZMANALEX has already quoted me (and I think he will be hard to beat) but I will try the others as suggested
  6. Welcome! I hope you enjoy many happy hours of browsing... I am loving the new and improved site x
  7. Hi, Could you please let me know if you can supply a clutch kit and flywheel as above? Either Nissan/after marker parts and the flywheel can be lightweight or dual mass. Can you please confirm prices for component parts and delivery etc. Many thanks, Lou.
  8. Welcome dude. I get about 25 mpg at the moment. I don't drive at silly speeds often as the drive to work is a bit slow (plenty of strangers to speed on the roads!). The Zed is more efficient than my boyfriends Mitsi Evo VII, but if you are worried about fuel consumption, this may not be the car for you! It costs me about £80 - £90 to fill up and as I only go into the office 4 days a week, if I don't do too much socialising evenings and weekends I can just about stretch a tank across 2 weeks!!! However, buying the Zed was the best thing I ever did and I think it's worth every penny
  9. Glad you and the the car are fine. I've had the Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres on my Zed for about a year and so far no issues, in fact, I quite rate them. Hope you get to the bottom of it.
  10. Thanks guys you are great. I'll def print off the "do not wash" poster next time!!! For those of you who wanted to know who it was; West Way Nissan in Kidlington.... I'll try to post some pics.
  11. I thought I'd let you know that following some damage caused by a local Nissan Dealer (when they washed my car against my express wishes and then tried to cover up the fact) , I finally had my day in court last week. You'll be pleased to know that the judge found in my favour and whilst he didn't award me the full amount of damages I'd claimed (entirely my fault as my evidence didn't go on to state specifically what needed to be done to fix it and how much it would cost ), I did get an award that was significantly more than the Stealer had offered. The moral of my tale is, don't let them bully you. I think the Stealer thought that as a girl, 1) I didn't know what I was talking about (particularly when trying to explain the difference between a Valet and a Detail ) and 2) I wouldn't take things as far as I did and would give up when they started to talk about Legal Teams and pursuing me for costs! Needless to say, I didn't give up and now will NEVER visit them again (or any other Nissan Dealer for that matter). I've made of point of telling everyone I know how rude they are and next time, I'll make more use of the advice on your forum!!!
  12. Hi, I'm thinking of changing the exhaust system for something with a bit more noise (perhaps the Milltek Performance Exhaust System?), but I don't know much about this kind of thing and wondered if anyone can offer any advice? I don't want to sound like a girl racer but I'd like something that sounds with a bit more of a growl than the standard system. If possible, I'd like to give my boyfriend's Evo a blast! Any help would be much appreciated.





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