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  1. Cheers Matt, the car is indeed sold, apologies for not updating the thread sooner! Gervais
  2. Use the "subscribe topic" option - that should let you know The only option left is to unsubscribe so I think i already have
  3. Gervais

    350Z (not silver)

    Can have mine for just shy of 10k.. 2004 - 42k miles, FNSH, Nissan warranty until Feb, same as tax, will renew MOT depending on sale price cant see it needing anything as I had nissan check it when it was in to have the gearbox refurbed a few months ago and it has only driven 50 or so miles since. Very clean car! http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1903220.htm
  4. sorry the site is only sending me emails for posts that i make in this thread Reason for sale is that i need to free up some money so I am downgrading for a bit. Price is down to £9,995 as she needs to go
  5. sorry have only just seen the replies, I get an email when i reply to this thread but not when other members do for some reason? Reason for sale is because i am looking to move out so need to get my deposit together now. Price is down to £9,995!
  6. Also considering Part Exchanges - E46, TT, R32/GTI, Astra VXR, Focus ST etc etc
  7. Will take it for MOT upon agreed sale, so it will come with 12months.
  8. Picked the car up from Nissan today, Gearbox feels fantastic! Have also taken some new pictures.
  9. Car will be back from Nissan on wednesday and is still up for sale. Has had the gearbox refurbished. It had the common 5th/6th synchro issue. so will be nice and fresh. Price dropped to £11,500
  10. Gear box has started slightly crunching in 5th and 6th. It is going into Nissan on wednesday to be stripped down and repaired/replaced under warranty. Whoever buys shouldn't have any gearbox issues to worry about





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