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  1. Sorry guys been working hard. If you need any parts you can contact coops direct but the interior is on way. Most parts complete and few sample pics been sent to coops so PM him for pic updates.
  2. You are (thankfully) a patient guy!
  3. I am currently working on all the interior parts shown in previous page(s) with a view to doing the exterior bodywork i.e. spoilers and body kits etc
  4. Potentially yes if we have the mould we could do that. I think! Any pics?
  5. No worries buddy I couldn't remember who had offered what (there were a lot of offers!!) But thankfully Coops pulled through and as he lives *really* close to me it works out OK. Will keep you in mind if we need anything else after this interior group buy comes together (taking longer than expected taking the moulds but hopefully everyone (especially Coops) bares with us on this and the finished package will be well worth the wait! We are also doing a lot of bits in the interior that (as far as I'm aware) no-one has done in CF before so hopefully you guys will like them Jay
  6. Still working on the interior parts as discussed in my welcome thread so for now the bonnets and other panels are on hold and will get put into action when interior parts are done and out. Saves disapointing everyone with a huge delay on these - will take them on when we can have a very quick turn-around on them.
  7. Coops did offer that too We decided to just take on the interior trim for now... get all the moulds done and the prototype ones for Coops' car, make sure all is good then sort a group buy for all the bits in the near future and after that's done moving on to the engine bay and the exterior panels.
  8. Yeah as you guys can see from pics we got work cut out! Just waiting on a new oven to get delivered this week then turning out bits like the interior trim shown above will be quick and easy In the process of taking moulds of all the stuff Cooper kindly loaned... we weren't quite expecting the amount of stuff he brought but hey-ho - life's full of surprises.
  9. Defiantely going ahead with the local member who we have been in contact with so the interior parts going ahead straight away. Jay
  10. The same guy who is offering the interior parts to us has a Nismo spoiler also so that is a huge possibility
  11. No. We have a member on here who lives very close to me now offering to loan us them for moulds though so I think that will be happening this week
  12. We expected to have received the interior bits last week but that may be my fault getting confused about it but either way it's in hand now we have a big list of people offering the original parts to mould Just been speaking to a very nice guy this morning from here who lives very close to me so we might take him up on his offer this week. Thanks for your offer though Jay
  13. No worries at all mate we kinda on hold until the interior parts are done. Expected to have the interior parts done by now but now we aiming to have them from a member potentially this week for moulds then carbon ones out straight away and after they are out to a few people will look towards bigger things like the panels etc. So hold on for now and keep eyes on my "welcome" thread for any updates etc. Jay
  14. Right guys sorry there has been on update for a few days things got pretty busy pretty quick but here we are. Somehow I managed to lose the list of people I wrote down who had offered us the parts to mould for the interior parts. Last I remember someone (P15 ULT springs to mind) was sending us the interior parts to mould so we could get the group buy together. Basically we after the two window control surrounds for the doors, the two bits of the centre console section, the bits in the pic below and the rear strut brace cover. If I have mis-understood you P15 ULT please correct me - it's my own stupid fault I can;t find that list!! Thanks guys Jay
  15. Fairly sure I have a member already who has offered to provide the mirror cover to mould but if I am mistaken (seem to have acquired a LOT of PM so will have to sort through them all tomorrow and see exactly who is offering what) then I will certainly keep your offer in mind mate





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