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  1. New @ £95.00 (unpainted). Very cheap, I think they're around the £700+VAT region new. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-350Z-GENUINE-LH-DOOR-PANEL-UNPAINTED-AND-NEW-HMA0ACD7MA-/282217333202?hash=item41b576c1d2:g:JuwAAOSw4shX~knb
  2. Thank you for the offer but I was really hoping to just pick them up and pop them straight on the car, I.e. not have to buy tyres really. I've already got a pair of RE050a's at my parents house with 4mm on so I could live with them needing fronts. There's a nice set of GT4 alloys on eBay, good nick, 6mm tread all round, £750. But the tyres are bloody Nexens.
  3. Thanks Sarah but I've already got some standard 18's, that's my problem! Ta.
  4. If they're in need of a refurb, don't trouble yourself. I'll keep my eye out but I will definitely bear you in mind, cheers Alex.
  5. Aha! Have you got any face on pics Alex? No rush, happy to wait til Monday/Tuesday etc, I know you're quite busy.
  6. Happy to pay up to £550 ish for the right set. Tyres must not be ditch finders and would like a good 5mm+ tread all round. For the money, I won't expect immaculate but minimal nicks preferable. I'm in Leicester and can collect (if I twist my mates arm enough) so try me. I can probably arrange collection through work too. Try me people!
  7. I'm quite interested. Could you confirm tyre sizes on front and rear please? Rears look right but the fronts don't look like a 45 profile?
  8. I've been doing a little thinking... The blackberry music gateway is a device that connects via BT to your phone, the device plugs in to a normal 3.5mm aux in. You stream your music over BT to it. http://www.play.com/Mobiles/Mobile/4-/40686657/741210711/BlackBerry-UK-ACC-41596-002-Music-Gateway/ListingDetails.html?_%24ja=tsid:11518%7Ccat:40686657%7Cprd:40686657 I'm thinking of adding this to the Bose hack (haven't got around to doing this yet though) then having a blackberry music gateway in the cubby. They're quite small (zippo sized). I get in my car, tap my nfc phone on the gateway, select 'tape' on my bose and carry on. You'd have to hard wire it which could prove difficult for me but will probably pose no problem for the masses. I hate cables BTW. Theoretically phone should be fine having two separate BT connections and on the reviews I've read, it should stop playing music when someone calls and then the 350z would take the call. Not bad for £30.
  9. Ok, we'll mine works perfectly. Packed both sides with blu tack so it's got a nice weight. Key turns nicely and more importantly, it starts the car. Just got to await my burger badges for the fob and I'm done. Well chuffed.
  10. Snap, it took a little jiggle first time, like a car when the steering lock is on but it went from ign off to 1 and 2 a few times and now feels normal.
  11. Have you tried to turn it yet? Mine was cut off centre and doesn't work. Have had to order another one. Trouble is we have three Timpsons in town and their company policy says they can't cut third party blades, so the only other guy available arsed it up. Running out of options now, it was only supposed to cost £15 plus cutting, I'm now in for £30 plus cutting. At least I didn't get charged for the first carve up, he tried to imply that it wasn't their fault, cheap ebay crap and all that, but I think he just didn't set the machine up right. Notice that the screw is going to be under the badge if you stick one in the burger recess as well, not good when you come to change the battery and it won't stick again. Hopefully it won't need opening for a few years, and the badges come in two's, so there's always a spare. Otherwise just the job, and no bigger than our other Alfa flip key. The time we've waited for this I don't think you're going to get a smaller one any time soon. Yeah turns fine, chap said he couldn't guarantee it (third party keys etc) which is quite fair but all is well. I've not actually started the car with it so the only untried bit is the transponder. I've not had to change the battery yet in 4 years I'd owning the car, I can live with buying from badges for £2.50 every time.
  12. Oh bloody hell, my burger badges didn't arrive! Dispatched though. On a positive note, blade was cut, all put together, works in ignition but actually haven't started the car but I'm going out later so I'll test the transponder later. My blade sits slightly off centre which annoys me a little, it's not absolutely perfect but it's as good as! Could maybe do with another screw near the blade hinge for example but beggars can't be choosers. I packed it with blu tack so it's got a little weight to it now, much better. All in all, a job well done!
  13. Under the Blu Tack (which in my case is White Tack) Ah very good, that's what I was thinking of doing. If it's good enough for BM, it's good enough for me..
  14. Where did you put the transponder BM?





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