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  1. Saw that Mark at Abbey was installing a HKS super-charger on a Silver Zed this week, it will be pushing 520+Ponies once complete
  2. Unlucky m8!! NOW SOLD TO planetsurfer 2!!
  3. Thanks Beavis! Much appreciated, I am aware of forum rules regarding this.
  4. thanks Beavis, much appreciated!!
  5. Hi Guys! I have a BRAND NEW RAYS 18" inch FRONT WHEEL left for sale, from Nissan this would cost you £1229 +Vat Front wheels are the most likely to be damaged by kerbing etc, this would be ideal if one of your RAYS needs replacing!! £150 Jerry
  6. No problem Tom, I`ll miss those LED lights, they were sooo Bright!
  7. goodies sent out today to: TomS Manphibian Grantmitchell Still available: NISMO CARBON GEAR SHIFT KNOB Z CENTRE CAPS for RAYS 18inch wheels NISMO 380RS PEDAL BRAND NEW RAYS FORGED ALLOY WHEEL -FRONT WHEEL (most likely wheel to get kerbed!!) 5 ZIGEN PRO-RACER OIL CATCH CAN
  8. Z CENTRE CAPS for RAYS 18 Inch Wheel back up for sale!!
  9. Mats and Nismo Oil cap will be on way to Grantmitchell Monday 5th Dec!! LED Lights and HEL Brakeline Kit off to TomS Monday 5th Dec. Brake Caliper paint off to manphibian 5th Dec Jerry
  10. My mistake Ric! I had`nt realised that I had agreed the sale of the cover to another buyer, then thought it was the Brake lines kit they wanted and not the cover of course, I then thought I was ok to agree the sale with you, but when Igot a PM with the reminder, and saw cover, it then dawned on me what had happened, very sorry.
  11. 1 BRAND NEW, NEVER FITTED RAYS (FRONT) 18 Inch Wheel added to sale, Nissan price £1039 My Price -£200 Collected.
  12. Shame! I got a BRAND NEW RAYS wheel for £200
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