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Flyboy-Mirror Auto Fold Module - GROUP BUY 2017

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On 07/08/2018 at 21:22, cs2000 said:

Thanks Martin for the post.


As Martin said, il be taking over for him for a few months.


i have agreed with Martin to sell exactly the same product, built exactly the same way at the same price so absolutely no difference for you guys. 


I have modules in stock ready to go, complete with brand new instructions written for both DE and Hr/Rev-Up cars (HR/Rev-up are the same, but different from DE). Instructions will be provided via a PDF link you can always access any time you want. Also makes it easier for me to make ammendments if ever required.


In the package you will get:


1x Mirror Fold Module

1x Wiring Harness with Bullet Crimps

6x Scotch Lock connectors (plenty for spares)


All this for the previously set price by Martin of £42.50 Plus £4.95 postage and packaging (1st class recorded)


If you want one, just reply to this, and il get in touch via PM.

Cs2000 I've read through the whole post just incase I was asking the wrong person,  buy I'm very much interested in getting this kit. I've sent you a pm and ready to pay it all in one go. 



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On 05/09/2018 at 16:12, cs2000 said:

Thanks for the update guys, il reference my PM and update the instructions, at least we/i have confirmation!


Current list is as follows


1. alfa_owner (2x) - Deposit Received

2. craigmdennis - Posted

3. StuZGT - Posted

4. baileydom - Posted

5. Kryptek49 - Posted

6. Jack94 - Posted

7. PabloVC - Paid

8. Jcurtis - Deposit Received 

9. Skate2create - Posted

10. Nelly64 (2x) - Paid

11. Luke2208 - Posted

12. btoms350z  - Posted


Still got 2 of these in stock and ready to go at the moment, will have to order some more shortly if people still want these moving forwards.


Do you still have any of these in stock? If so can I have one please, if you PM me details I'll send payment tonight.




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8 hours ago, alfa_owner said:

Hi Chris, 
Did mine 100% go out?


Hey, yeah 100% went out, guessing you’ve not got it yet? Would have been delivered the next day. Drop me a PM if you’re having issues


pm’s sent to the two guys above :)

Edited by cs2000

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Thanks mate, as per the PM, replacement is on the way.

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Anyone teetering on the edge of wanting one of these, a winter Group Buy is now live.


As mentioned in the other topic. I am creating a separate topic so i can better control the GB, theirs also less "fluff" in their so its easier for people to see whats going on!

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